1. I chose Ruth Anne and did it in 27:25. I'm coming back off of a running hiatus following an injury, so this was the farthest I have run all at once in a long time. It was rough, but I'm so happy that I didn't have any pain!

  2. I did one round of Betty in my new- New Balance Minimus shoes to break them in some, then did week5day1 of couch25k (trying to build my running strength for the 800meter runs in WODS.

  3. I did "beth" with 25lbs in approx 18:45 (i forgot to set my timer for the first rd)

  4. Ruth Anne: right about 30 mins pushing 80# of children in the double jogger. Whew! : )

  5. Question to all the mamas: I have an awesome 1hr long Zumba class I do on Thursday nights. Do you guys count that as a workout or would you do both?

  6. No WOD for me today. Hurt my ankle sometime yesterday! Was okay during the day, but when I finally sat down last night had to ice it and take some Motrin. :/

  7. Andrews Family: Zumba counts as working out for sure. But it's a different kind of work out than a WOD (depending on the WOD). Most WODs focus on strength training, flexibility, and the cardio component comes in from doing the moves as quickly as possible without losing form. Zumba is just a cardio routine, with no strength training (right? I only did it once and there were no weights incorporated). Todays WOD is a pretty straight cardio-based WO (as opposed to strength training heavy WOD). For today, I would do what you feel comfortable with.
    Jenni said that if your goal is weight loss adding an extra cardio AFTER your WOD will help. If you're just doing the WOD for toning up, general strength training, and fitness you could just do the Zumba and skip todays WOD if you want!

    Hope that helps!

    May or may not make this WOD…still not feeling great 🙁 Plus it's pouring again! Ahhh!!

  8. Betty
    13:39 but I messed up my measurements a bit =(

  9. Ruth Anne-23:30! My fastest 5K so far! I've never been a fast runner so this is amazing for me. Love these WODs, Jenni!

  10. Ruth Anne – 32:08. I'm sure my running was pretty comical for the first 1/2 mile or so until my glutes loosened up a little after yesterday's WOD.

  11. Ruthann
    4.3 km
    Couldn't bring myself to run past my house at the end to get the other .7km. Lame I know!

  12. Ruth Anne in 32:45. I had to slow at the end of every half mile loop to check on the girls who were playing in the back of the suburban. (The car was in sight the whole time, and the girls had a great time. Lots better than pushing them in the stroller!)

  13. My first WOD and I choose:
    Betty 35:17
    800m on treadmill
    push press 10#

    thank you so much for posting these WODS 🙂

  14. It's my 2nd day of WOD but first time commenting. I did Ruth Ann for 25 mins. Intervals of walk/running. Just getting started with running. I am also a mom of 4! (10, 8, 2 1/2 and 3 months) Love reading the comments from your blog for motivation!
    Thanks for posting the WODS!
    Kelly 1/21

  15. 34:27 for the 5k. Not bad for having just finished yeaterday's WOD too!

  16. "Betty" in 28:33. I'm just glad I didn't DNF. I can barely get off the toilet this week, let alone run 3200 meters gracefully. So there was a lot of walking mixed in. My legs are ticked off at me!

    1. Lol. I know what you mean about the toilet. Going up and down the stairs isn't fun either. My kids keep trying to sit on my lap! NOOO!!

  17. I was initially going to combine Betty and Beth to do 4 sets of 800 m with bench press but it ended up being a wonky day..

    In 19:47 I did 3 rounds of 650m (0.4 miles) and 15 bench presses with 20#.
    Definitely wasn't feeling it today, so I'm pretty proud that I made it past round 1! 🙂

  18. Beth — 19:30, but used dumbbells instead of bench press and getting over a nasty cold so I can't run as fast as I would like.

  19. Ruth Anne: 34:00…it took me forever to get going…legs actually feel much better now its over.

  20. Beth – 32:30 – Benchpress w/24 lb dumbbells – split the running segments into 6 1/4 mile segments – slow jogged (4 mph) for a combined total of 1/2 mile (never did that far before – SO proud of myself!) walked 3.5 mph the remaining mile – All I did my last quarter mile segment was smile!

    I won't be around to do tomorrow's WOD (field trip all day), so I'll do it on Saturday. Still loving this!!

  21. Ruth Anne –33
    Wow, My legs were dying after the past two days! (I gotta admit I sure like being sore! Wish my body looked on the outside like it feels on the inside!!)

  22. I am a day behind on my WOD's so I just completed Tuesdays. Thank you for the Betty WOD! I am looking forward to doing it tomorrow and working off some birthday cake! 🙂

  23. Betty
    Push Press with 20l Dumbbells

    (Possibly Dumb Question: Does that count are 40lbs?)

  24. So so sore I can barley walk let alone run. Today will be a rest day and I will do this Saturday.

  25. I felt up to it!! 🙂

    35:40 while pushing my son in the stroller. The run was mostly hills and I am actually pretty pleased with my overall time. I had to walk up some of the hills too, so I think without the stroller and without walking I would have done better than in the past! Can't wait to see this time improve too!!

  26. Just completed Ruth Anne in 34:52. Frustrated with the time, but very happy that I started and finished it completely. Every part of me wanted to stop at 3.0 miles and call it complete, but I made myself finish the last 0.2 and I so glad that I did. 🙂 Yesterday was my first WOD and I forgot to post that my name is Tiffany from a small town in central Texas where we have no cross fit facility within 45 miles. I found this blog from a pin on Pinterest. Thanks!!

  27. Oh, that was Ruth Anne just for clarification. Happy Birthday to all 3 ladies!!

  28. Betty: 18:56 running on treadmill and bench press on the ball with 10# dumbbells

    1. Oops, forgot that i started the timer late, seemed too fast. It was 20:06

  29. Ruth Anne
    5K in 26:32
    Compared to 30 minutes in May.
    Still hate running, love finishing, getting easier.

  30. I did beth in 19:42 and I wanted to quit every second after the first lap, but I kept going and I finished. I'm so glad I did.

  31. Of course, I did mine! 28:10
    After last Friday's WOD.
    Happy Birthday, Beth!
    Happy Birthday, Betty!

  32. Ruth Anne 38:07

    Super slow but I don't care. My goal was to run the whole thing (no walking) and finish under 40min. I did and even ran the big hill.

    Had my 4th baby 4 months ago and haven't run that far in several years so I wanted to see if I could!

    Oh, and I did Mondays WOD this morning. There's a good chance I won't be able to walk tomorrow 😉

  33. Ruth Anne 38:07

    Super slow but I don't care. My goal was to run the whole thing (no walking) and finish under 40min. I did and even ran the big hill.

    Had my 4th baby 4 months ago and haven't run that far in several years so I wanted to see if I could!

    Oh, and I did Mondays WOD this morning. There's a good chance I won't be able to walk tomorrow 😉

  34. Beth- 23:49 Looks like I actually ran 650m instead of 500m. Guess I should measure BEFORE actually starting. Did bench press with 20lb dumbells.

  35. Had to skip this WOD since I had some extra things going on…was going to run the 5k after today's WOD but those squat snatches killed me!

  36. Ruth Anne 39:49 pushing my 2 1/2 year old in the stoller. Took a long break in the middle of it to play at the beach though.

  37. I've been meaning to ask too, is that a picture of you Jenni on the front page of the blog?

    1. No. She is my Crossfit motivation (but my 2 year old thinks she is me)!

  38. finally did my bday WOD. 23:22. Then ran another mile to get in 3 miles. A fun WOD!

  39. Ruth Anne. 30:50 I am still locked up from the mon/tue WOD and I just got to do this on on Saturday.

  40. I did Ruth Anne
    39.04minuyes, but the prospect park loop is 5.39k, an i did the whole loop.

  41. Did Ruth today 5k in 33:30. First 5 min were w/u so I suspect that I could have broken te 30 min mark if I had the jam after a weekend of booze and food and not running for 3 wks.

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