1. 13:03. I did boy pushups for all but 25. I'm so sore from yesterday's lunges. I couldn't believe it when I saw there were more today! Hurts so good!

  2. I haven't done it yet just looked to see Wod……more lunges! Yikes! Gonna do it though

  3. Dang. Day #2. 11:27 with girl push-ups. DOB is 5/12. Forgot to say that yesterday.

  4. Haven't done the WOD yet, but, I'm seeing a trend this week. 😛

  5. 16 min. I did better than I expected and my push ups are getting easier!

  6. 13:58 as rx'd
    you're killing me! in a good way of course =)

    loved reading yesterday's comments. i look forward to seeing them everyday. Thank you so much to you brave military mamas and wives – you rock!
    Gsxgirl – your story touched me. I hope you do regain yourself and more. Rock on Mama!

  7. When you say sit-ups, can you explain what you mean? I have been doing them laying on my back with my knees bent and then sitting all the way up to touch my feet. I just want to make sure that you don' t mean crunches. Because, quite frankly, with my frail skin, these full sit ups are causing serious skin irritation on my tailbone area!!

  8. I haven't done the WOD yet, but I have a question. Is it better to do 100 boy push ups with taking short breaks or to do as many boy push ups as you can and then go to girl push ups so that you don't ever have to stop?

  9. @SarahMC, I'm guessing that it's probably better to do as many boy PU and then switch to girl PU since with Crossfit you're trying to do things as fast as possible – that's where your cardio comes in. I struggle with this all the time. What I do is start off with as many boy PU as possible, do 5 girl PU and try do do as many boy PU again and then switch to 5 girl PU…rinse and repeat. Since we have a 100 PU to do today, I might actually try 10 girl PU instead of 5 to give my arms/shoulders a little longer of a break!!!

    Would love to see what other Mamas think.

  10. 22:33 today. Took the lunges slowly after the "incident" with my knee yesterday, but I got them all in.

    @SarahMC – In the FAQ, our fearless leader says that all push-ups are girl push-ups, unless otherwise stated, because we are girls. 🙂

  11. My little girl turned off my stopwatch during the sit-ups . So im guessing but I think it was about 16:00. Just about cried when i saw more lunges but it was a great workout!

  12. Once again, "Jef" should be "Stefanie." Eventually I'll learn to sign into Google before posting.

  13. 12:02
    A little slower than last time… I blame the 300 lunges from yesterday. I am so sore!!!!

  14. 10:52 Legs are jello!

    gsxgirl- Your story touched my heart, as well. Glad to see you on here pushing each day. You are so strong.

  15. A day behind. Thought I'd do two wods today. But not sure I can do anymore lunges today.

  16. 13:27. 40 leg lifts & bicycles, 60 sit ups. Sore tailbone from all those sit ups yesterday. Rest as rx'd.

  17. Huh. I guess my first post didn't actually make it through – making my second post unnecessary. But here we go with a third… My time was 18:55 this morning, but I am super proud of myself for finishing at all. This may just kill me off in the end.
    So am I not really being a wimp by putting my arms out in front of me during sit-ups instead of behind my head? I thought I was, but the video says otherwise. That would be nice to find out I'm not a wimp after all.

  18. 15:02! Finally getting back into things after a little break last month. 28 days until my 30th…kicking it into gear!

  19. 17:04…but only 25 of my pushups were real pushups, the rest were girly.

    I forgot to put my birthday yesterday — 10/8.

  20. I've just discovered your blog -this is fabulous. I just started crossfit over the summer in an attempt to lose the baby weight – well the weight from the last three :)crossfit has been wonderful I've lost 30lbs about halfway to my goal, and now to have this for when I can't make it to the gym – so excited, thanks!! 21:05

  21. 15:23 with lunges to the bathroom to help little guy wash his hands. Lunges with 1 year old, girl pu, situps with same.little one on my belly. 😉

  22. 17:24 as rxed (mix of reg pu and girl pu)
    I have a feeling after the last two days, I won't be able to walk tomorrow!!!

  23. 12:23 but I did girl pu. This is my first crossfit WOD ever! I'm not a mama, I'm a 20 y.o. full-time college student working 2 jobs and involved in many activities, I don't have much time to exercise but my health is really important to me. I found this site thru pinterest and I can tell it's going to work wonders with my hectic schedule!

  24. Been doing these WODs for about 2 weeks and love it.
    My name is Lee my birthday is 2-6-73. Thanks for keeping my workouts interesting! Found you on Pinterest.

  25. This was my first WOD, 14:19. My birthday is 7/20. I found you on Pinterest, thanks so much for these workouts!

  26. Arielle. 21. Springville UT. Birthday 8/14. I'm a nursing student so I have a really hard time tearing myself away from studying to go work out. I found this on pinterest and it's perfect answer!! Second day working out and it's kicking my trash!!
    15:44-Only 50 push ups…I have zero arm strength. But it'll only get better right?!

  27. 20 mins. Proud of myself since I just got some awful news and am very defeated. I'd rather eat cupcakes then workout but I pulled thru. And no cupcakes..

  28. Thank you to those who were touched by my story.. Not sure if any of you saw all the news stories on the service members remains going into a landfill but if you did, my husband was one of them and I'm the widow who exposed that practice.. It's been a really tough lonely battle for me for the past 6 years.. Seems to not be getting easier but at least I can drop my weight and feel good about myself and my appearance.. Nothing like seeing yourself on tv to realize just how bad it is..

    1. I was so sad when I read your story. I wish you the best in your future. Exercise is definitely a good stress relief, and not nearly a self defeating as food. Hope things start looking better for you very soon!! Do your best to keep smiling 🙂

    2. My heart absolutely aches for you. The future is bright for you. You are so strong.

  29. 14:34 w/girl push ups…my legs are so sore from yesterday!

  30. 75 girl push-up ..wasn't expecting to see lunges today…was thinking at breakfast how glad I would be to not have to do lunges today haha!

  31. @Stefanie, I use my arms for momentum when doing situps. I put them out overhead when I am on the ground and use them for a push to get all the way up if you get what I'm saying. Really helps you push yourself on those last few that are always the hardest.

    My time today was 17:09. 😀 Push ups were a bit easier than they were earlier in the week, as were my squats. 🙂

  32. @Gsxrgirl0479 – A friend shared that story not too long ago, and I cannot tell you how sorry I am for everything you have had to go through. I can imagine how lonely of a journey it was to expose something so secretive. Big hugs. My hubby is AF EOD as well. Just know that we are praying for you. {{HUGS}} Your doing great!

  33. 14:34, wanted to push myself so did some boy PU (20 boy, 30 girl x2), rest as rx'd

    @Gsxrgirl0479: yes, our thoughts are with you! I don't know what I'd do if I were you and that happened to my hubby. Good job getting the WOD done and saying no to Cupcakes!

  34. Thanks everyone.. Gonna keep my mind occupied the rest of the day with cleaning.. What a fun time 😉

  35. 28 minutes. I did modify slightly by doing kettle bell (15lb) swings instead of squats and added 20 front kicks and 20 bicycles.

    My name is Angela, 47 years old. Keller, TX. This is the 2nd week of doing your workouts. I love them!! Thanks for doing this blog. I was REALLY sick for several weeks with West Nile virus and pneumonia, and unable to workout out at all. So, I am so happy to be back to regular workouts! Thanks for the challenge.

    June 19th.

    1. I lived in Keller for 2 years! I can't believe you were so sick! Glad you are on the mend. 🙂

  36. 16:05 crunches for sit ups. Didn't think I could do 100 push-ups. They were not deep, but I got them all in!

  37. I was at 15:53 after I finished the push ups they took me forever! and I stopped my watch to get a cushion to use for the sit ups and forgot to start the timer again. I'm guessing my time was around 20-25 minutes but not sure.

  38. 32:32 – time wise: HORRIBLE! Personal pride-wise: AWESOME!!!

    I split this into 4 reps of 25, except for the lunges. I broke those down to 2 reps of 15 each leg, then 2 reps of 10 each leg. I planned on doing all 4 reps @ 15, but was just too Jellowy!

  39. 15:56
    Am trying to slow down a bit and be STRICT with my movements. Thanks Jen for posting that link for proper Crossfit sit-up form. I have always stuck my feet under the couch and got them done but when he said that about hip flexors and getting the full range of motion, I did it that way and I knew what he meant. It took me way longer per sit-up but I know I am getting a better result. I love learning something new!

  40. Still out of commission 🙁 But I will be back tomorrow in the grind (I hope!!!). Feeling better today…And a bit guilty that I've missed these crazy WODs the past 2 days….I think I hate lunges almost as much as burpees! Haha.
    Great job ladies!!

  41. 15:43 – with girly pushups and 50/50 sits ups and crunches.

  42. 20:43.2

    @Lynn, thanks for your suggestion, but I forgot 100 girl pushups is hard enough for me haha, hopefully I will work up to being able to put in some boy pushups.

  43. 19:20. Leg lifts instead of sit-ups.

    When I was pulling it up today, I was thinking "Well, after 300 lunges yesterday, surely there won't be any today!" HA HA HA! 🙂

  44. 15:01 alternated girl pu and sit ups. Legs are on FIRE! Can't wait to see the torture tomorrow, loving torture that is! Love it :).

  45. 25:10 as rx'd I feel so out of shape compared to you girls! I know it's because I'm new (and, let's face it, out of shape), and I'm hoping to get better.

  46. 13:40

    I did all lunges and squats with 20# weights. Also did 22 boy pushups. The rest were girls. Decline sit-ups as well.

  47. completed my very first WOD today! Very excited. Time was 15:51. And I'm new here so my bday is 12/17

  48. Apparently I had a very tough time today. Only did 50 of everything. 🙁 I pushed myself really hard last Friday then accompanied a friend of mine to a "bootcamp" free class and that did me in the rest of the way.

    12:15 for the half. 🙁

  49. 18:21 p/u at 45* angle
    Whew! The last two WODs have required some mental toughness!

  50. Crossfit Mamas in Northglenn, CO:
    Lauren 7/22 24:30
    Shawntae 8/6 16:43
    Mindi 11/8 17:05
    Courtney 9/28 24:35 (1/2ed)

  51. My goal was to finish in less than 20 minutes and I did it in 19:27! Yay!

  52. 19:51 as RX'd. My goal was also to finish in less than 20…made it, barely 🙂

  53. 21.05, not bad for my very first time doing Crossfit Mamas. Loved the workout and I feel really sore today which is a great. Keep the workouts coming! DOB: 12-30-79

  54. 14:08 with walking lunges (+ 15lb), real pushups, all else as Rx'd.

  55. 21:59. Didn't have time to do it yesterday, so had to do it today. Now on to running a 5k.

  56. no way for me to get out and run for today's WOD (10/3), so i'm doing this one instead – 15:05, but i have to confess that my sit-ups were lacking form so i did crunches instead. hoping to work back up to the pre-move sit-ups soon!

  57. 16:10… Good stuff! I'm sweating like CRAZY!

  58. Holy Legs and Abs. 🙂


    I didn't know if I would survive. 🙂

  59. Gsxrgirl0479- you are inspiring and kudos to you for taking care of yourself so that you may champion for others.

    23:42, very disappointed in my time.

  60. 16:41- had to break during pu's to nurse the baby and had "help" from him in the rest of the workout which slowed me down considerably. held him for last 20 squats, so 24lbish weight for those 🙂

  61. I did today's wod and found that I had a little extra time on my hands to do this wod too, since I did not get to it on Tuesday. My time was 13:26!!! 🙂

  62. I split this intonsets of 20. time was 13:36 after 2 mile run.
    All boy p/u except 10!!!

    Glad I waited and ddnt do this tuesday after those 300 lunges!!

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