Monday 10.01.12

3 rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 100 steps
50 sit-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs

* Hey Mamas!  I wanted to let you know how much I love seeing all of your comments and your posted times every day. It is so encouraging to me and to all of us. I would love it if today, when you post your time, if you are willing, can you also post your city, age, and how you heard about Hiit Mamas? I am always so curious! Keep it up Mamas!! 🙂


  1. 22:15. Im 31, and live outside of Washington DC. I found you by doing a google searcg for at-home CrossFit workouts. Live the site, it is the first thing I read each day (I work out at 5am!)

  2. 16:02, nice burn on my legs and buns! Clearing up kids' toys around the house can be neatly incorporated to the walking lunges 😀

    Hanna, 35 from soutern Finland. Found here trough some blog. Love these WOD's since almost all can be done inside during my kids' naptime.

  3. 21:00 even. I'm 35, I live in metro Detroit, and I found you on Pinterest!

  4. 24:33. I'm a 30 yr old female in Birmingham, AL. Found you on Pinterest. Pinned it awhile back but today was my first workout. Certainly wont be my last! Wow!

  5. 22:35, Randi from Seattle, I'm 29, not a mom but love crossfit, I looked inponterest for crossfit and found this, thank you I love it… 09/02 is my bday!

  6. 22:35, Randi from Seattle, I'm 29, not a mom but love crossfit, I looked inponterest for crossfit and found this, thank you I love it… 09/02 is my bday!

  7. 20:39 with the 'help' of my 4 yr old. 1st round she wanted to be carried during the lunges, 2nd round she decided now was the time to eat then 3rd round time for the Lorax – all while dancing around me while I tried to lunge. I love being a mom! When will I learn to do all this before I workout?!

    ok so it looks like I'm the oldie. I'm 40, mom of 4 (12, 9, 8 an 4) and live in Charlotte, NC and found you via Pinterest

  8. I'm going to do the workout later, but thought id post my deets now. I'm 36, 3 kids, 16, 11, & 9, all girls. I live on White Head Island, NB, Canada. Google it 🙂 there are only 150 ppl that live here. I lobster fish for the bulk of my income. Love this site, as you can imagine, there is no gym here so I'm always looking for new fun workouts, love the community feeling on here! 🙂

  9. 18:16…and I had to go halfsies on the workout today. I took a long hiatus from working out and about 40 lunges into my first set I was like, yeah…I can barely push maybe 10 more out, let alone 60 more! So, I just cut the # by half since it's my first day back. (Plus, I'll be chasing a 10 month old around the house all day too, I didn't want to kill myself before I had to do all that today!) This will be my only "easy" day back.

    My name is Heather,I'm 28 and I live in Fayetteville, NC. And just for the record, my birthday is December 1st 🙂

  10. And I found you on Pinterest. I forgot to mention that.

  11. 24:19. I'm 34 from Wichita Falls, Tx. I found this website through a google search for crossfit at home. I love it and look forward to seeing the new WOD every morning! Thanks for your blog!

  12. 23 min. I'm a mom of 3, ages 10, 8, and 3. Just started working out again after a 11 month break! I live in the state of Georgia in the US and I found the site thru a friend. The best part is getting a workout in around 25 min and done for the day!

  13. Thank you so much for the workout of the day in my honor!!! 18:23! I am 38 years old today and feeling awesome!!! I am so thrilled to have found you guys on pinterest. We live on a farm near a small town in NW Iowa. I have 3 kids, 13, 9 ande
    6. Thank you so much!!!!

  14. Jen I'm coming to see u for a lobster bday supper! What a cool place u live

  15. My time was 19:41. My name is Erin, I'm 35 and have two boys. I live in Raleigh Nc. Found your blog bc I needed to stop my 17 year addiction to long distance running. If there is no running in your WOD, I still run 1 mile and one mile only. This is a major change for me but I love it! Thank you!

  16. 18:36
    My name is Donna, I'm 31 and have 4 kids. My youngest is 3 months. Right now we live in Fort Benning, GA. I found you through Pinterest. My husband does some crossfit at work with his commander and when I found this site 3 months ago I was excited. The best thing for me is that when we move in a couple of months I can continue doing it no matter where we go. Thank you so much for having this site.

  17. 22:34. I'm new to Crossfit. I found your blog on pinterest and have really enjoyed these workouts. I recently had a baby in May and am not ready to leave him and go to the gym so this has been PERFECT for me so thank you! Oh, and I'm from Herriman, UT and my b-day is 6/3.

  18. 22:22, 20# kettlebell. I'm 38 with 3 kids. Live in Louisville, KY..found you through pinterest. Love your website. Thanks for keeping us moving:)

  19. 24:12. My name is Paige and I am 39. This was my first crossfit workout. I can do Zumba for 90 mins and burn over 1000 calories but this was tough! I live in China Spring, TX and my bday is 3/20. I am praying this is something I can stick with! Thank you!!

  20. 19:14
    Well I have been doing crossfit since January. Love it! I heard about this site from my SIL Sharon, who heard about it from Amber. I am 24, mom 2- a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I live in Raft River. A town I had never heard of until I met my husband 🙂

  21. My name is Jessica (you probably already guessed 😉 ) and I am 23 years old. I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have 3 kids aged 6 months, 2 years, and 3 years. My husband has been crossfitting for a year-ish and after my last baby I wanted to do it too but it seemed way beyond my ability. Then I found cross-fit mamas on pinterest and it was a match for me! I love that it doesn't take very long and requires minimal equipment.

  22. Sick Mama today! 🙁 Neck is getting better, but now I've got a cold! Boo! Maybe tomorrow or Wed? MIss my workout!!

    Albany, NY – 35 – Pinterest!!

  23. 29:48 – great workout! Larissa, 29, Grand Prairie (Dallas) TX, with 3 kids, 5,3,4 months. Found you on pinterest and love the variety. Used to do p90x and insanity, but hated the thought of doing the same videos over and over! This fits into my routine much better. I also try to get in 10,000 steps everyday to lose the baby weight.

  24. 9:54 This is my first WOD! I'm a 34-year-old mother of 7 living in Richfield, UT. I did this on a whim this morning, and a 5lb weight was the best I could come up with. So I guess my kettle swings were a bit of a cop-out. But I'll remedy that and do it for real next time!

  25. Sorry, I guess my hubby was still signed in to Google when I posted. "Jef" should really be "Stefanie." I found your site through a link on Facebook, and my bday is 6/26.

  26. 28:47 that's a lot of lunges! I'm 50–so far the oldest, a mom of four in St. Louis, MO. I found you when my fifteen year old daughter pinned you on her fitness board. I remember somewhat nostalgically pushing a couple of kids in a running stroller, now I'm getting fitness tips from them…

  27. 18:32 I'm a 48 yr old mother of 4. Aged 22 to 8. Live in bristow va. Just out side of d.c. A friend who is a personal trainer told me about your website. I love the workouts. Thx

  28. 21:47. Live in Northglenn, CO (Denver). I'm 34 and mom to two boys, age 6 and 4 1/2. I found you on Pinterest. Couldn't be happier because my friend goes to a crossfit gym and we can't afford it. This is perfect, love the results. Been doing it since July this year. Also training for my second half marathon, hopefully this will help me beat my time from 2 years ago!

  29. 20:26 – 10 lb. kb
    I'll be 30 in 12 days.
    Mom of 2 (3-year-old boy and 16-month-old girl)
    Heard about this blog because I'm your SISTER! Holla!!!

    Ps- you're insane for making me do 300 lunges! I hope I'm not limping the rest of the day!

  30. Wow, missed Thur & Fri workouts, so coming back after 4 days of nothing was tough. I could only do one round, and that took 11:58. Hoping to come back stronger, tomorrow, though.

    Also, found this through Pinterest! 33 year old, homeschooling mom of 5, ages 9, 8, 6, 4 & 2, in South Texas. Since our family is complete, it helps to know that any hard work I put into getting healthy will stick, since no more pregnancies. Feeling and looking better than I did in my teens (since I was NEVER physically active.) Been working out for about 13 months, but switched to Crossfit only a few weeks ago. Loving it so much, I'll never go back to anything else. Even got my hubby on board. He's doing the WOD's from the main site. 🙂

  31. 21:06 after 3 mile run

    My name is Bethany, I go by Betsy (previous times were under Betsy until I started a google account). I'm 30, no kiddies yet – just started trying! eek! – and I live in Holden, MA. Found you on Pinterest as well.

  32. Oh, THAT'S why my time was so much lower than everyone else's! I missed the part where it said 3 rounds. Gulp. I'm already quivering from the one round.

  33. 28:07- also ran 2 miles before the WOD.

    My name is Ronna, 29 years old, mother of 4(6,4,2,and 9 months) from Mesa, AZ. I found you via pintrest.

  34. My name is Monya. I'm 33 (birthday 1/24) and I live in West Texas. I have never done Crossfit before though I used to do a similar workout called TRABOKI. Had to give it up in July due to scheduling conflicts and have only been running since then. Decided to look for quick workouts to do on days I don't have time to run and came across this blog on Pinterest. Great workout – really opened my eyes to how weak I've gotten since I quit TRABOKI. Only made it 2 rounds (18:7) but I'll get it back soon.

  35. 19:24 today, but 30 lunges into my second round I felt a sharp pain just above my knee on the inside of my leg. I tried 10 more lunges, but it was getting worse, so I skipped the rest of the lunges and just did sit-ups and kettle bell swings. I'll try ice and ibuprofen and will hopefully okay by tomorrow.
    I'm a 39-year old Mom of four girls (17, 16, 14, & 12) and one boy (5) from Saratoga Springs, UT. I found your blog on Pinterest. I am a runner and just finished my first marathon, but was disappointed at how "soft" I looked in my marathon photos, so I went looking for something to help me firm up and gain strength.

  36. 20:55

    I am a 30 year old Army wife and mom to one sweet little 15 month old girl. We live in Billings, MT. My husband is currently deployed so finding someone to watch the little one is difficult. In July I Googled searched Crossfit at home and it led me here 🙂 Thanks so much, Jenni!! All of you ladies are a huge inspiration and great motivation!

  37. 26:50 lunges in place instead of walking and 20lb. kettlebell.
    Annie, Angel Fire, NM
    I'm 33 (almost 34), I teach spinning classes 2 days a week and love to run! I have a 14 yr old stepson, a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy! They keep me busy so I love your quick workouts:)

    I heard about you from Pinterest!

  38. After feeling like a failure for only doing 1 round (and fighting the strong urge to barf,) I ate some breakfast and went on to finish the last 2 rounds. Did it outside while the babies played, took 23:56. So total for 3 rounds was 35:54. Yikes!! But felt so good that I actually went back and finished! I would've regretted it all day, had I not.

    Seeing all these comments from other Mamas sure does help me feel encourage and inspired. Keep it up, ladies!!

  39. 16:00 my name is laura. i am 45. i live in Thornton, co. i have two boys – 4 and 7. i have been doing crossfit at home for about a year. i found your site from an internet search and pinned to my crossfit board on pinterest, but i didn't start visiting until i saw that people were repinning like crazy .. i love your WODs and like having access to virtual workout buddies via the comments section. thanks!

  40. I have been doing the workouts for about 4 weeks now, but this is my first time posting. Will I ever not be sore again? (It is a good sore though.)

    My name is Kimberly. I am 46 and have six kids (15, 13, 11, 11, 9, and 4). We live in the midlands of SC. I found out about you from A Foothill Home Companion.

  41. 22:54 as rx'd…glad to finally be back! It was really tough being out the last 2 weeks with a pulled back muscle from the Revenge of the Burpees WOD…can I say I hate burpees even more!?!

    I live in the Madison, WI area. 31 years old and proud mama of a soon-to-be 6 month old (this Thursday!!) baby girl! I ran across this blog on Pinterest! Been in love with it! It challenges me but is generally short enough to be done during baby's afternoon nap. I was trying to do Insanity – that's what I was doing before getting pregnant – but had such a hard time finding enough time in one solid chunk to get the workout in. So thank you very much Jenni for posting!!!!

    P.S. So nice to also see other Army/military wives out there!! 🙂

  42. 35:43. Man I'm slow and I don't know how I could go any faster. That WOD was a killer! My name is Carolyn, I'm 33 and a mom of 4, ages 10,7,4 and 3 months. Just started crossfit after finding you on pinterest in August. I love it!!

  43. 23:08 but I only did 65 lunges last round. 36 yo, College Park, MD. Found out about your site from a neighbor/friend. Love these workouts! Keep up the great work!

  44. 21:37 as rx'd. Legs are jello!!!!! I am 35 with 5 kiddos (13/13/11/7/6). I live just north of San Antonio Texas. I found you on pinterest! Thank God!

  45. 37:30 15.5lb for the kettle bells and I did full sit ups i think that is why it took me so long!

    I am a 30yr old mom of 3 kids 8, 6, and 2&1/2. I heard about this from my sister who posted a link to the WOD on Facebook. Thank you Beth! 🙂 Oh and I live in Alameda, CA.

  46. 2 full rounds for me was 28:14. I had to stop because my four month old was hungry. I'm surprised at how long it took and it was a reality check for how much work I have to do. After having my first two kids at 28 I bounced back and lost my weight very quickly. I'm 33 now and weigh more and these workouts are harder. All the support from the ladies on your site is definitely encouragement!!! Live, love, love this site! Can't wait till tomorrow!

  47. 13:17 (Only did 2 rounds)

    50 lunges in each round
    10 # dumbbell

    I'm Lori, and I live in Fort Collins, CO. I'm 26 and have 3 kiddos (5, 2, and 3 months).
    My birthday is 3/15! 🙂
    I found your site on Pinterest.

  48. 21:47, but I had a 10lb kettlebell instead of 15.

    I'm 29 years old and live in southern California. I have 2 boys – 3 years old and 7 months old. I found you through Pinterest 🙂

  49. First EVER CROSSFIT WORKOUT.. Took about 40 mins (thought I started my timer.. Darn touch screens!) I use to be in amazing shape.. Ran marathons, ran 75+ miles a week, weights etc then my husband was killed in Iraq.. Every time I went to escape to the gym, people came up to me in the middle of sets to say they were sorry.. I tried to keep running but when you're a distance runner there's too much time to think and I'd start out ok then I wasn't able to continue.. I ended up gaining 100* pounds. I'm here to reclaim my life, former fit self and my love for health and fitness.. So happy I found this site!

    1. Very touching story. I am so sorry that you had to endure that tragedy. I am glad that you found us. We are here for you Mama.

      PS Please let me know if it is ever difficult for you when I use the military pictures for the WOD.

  50. 18:13. I did running stance lunges with a front jab in place of the walking lunges.

    I found you on Pinterest and I am forever grateful! Just started this last Thursday. I am 24 live in Raleigh, NC and have an 11 month year old little boy.

    My bday is 12/11!

  51. 20:35 w/ 30# dumbell for KBS.

    Loved that one! I am currently living in Shalimar, FL. Hubby is in the Air Force and stationed at Eglin AFB. We are PCSing to Holloman AFB, NM in the next 40 days. There is no Box there so I was DESPERATE to find something I can do at home. I found your blog in Pinterest and it was everything I was looking for! Now, I am not so sad about moving. 🙂

  52. phx, az
    mother of four girls
    found you on pinterest just a week ago! loving it!!!

    didn't time today… those lunge walks were killer!!!!

  53. 27:50
    35 years old, Eagle Mountain, UT. Found your site on Pinterest. Love it!!! Those lunges were a killer… but I am doing half in a month and the first half is mostly downhill. The whole half has us coming down in elevation 2000 feet. I was happy to see the lunges, but it killed doing all 300!!! I might just add lunges to each workout until after the half.

  54. 21:35
    My name is Amanda. I'm 24 years old and from Pittsburgh, PA. Found this site through Pinterest. LOVE it!!

  55. 23:25 did 20 count with 18lb kettle bell. I'm 35, 2 kids 7 & 3. Live in Austin, Tx and found you on Pinterest! Love the workouts, still fatigued…worked out over half hour ago. 🙂

  56. 24:08 as rx'd
    Yay! Finally figured out how to post my times again. I'm 31 and have two kids, 5 and 2. I live just outside of Indianapolis, IN. I found you via Pinterest and have been following these workouts since July. Love your blog!

  57. 23:30 – not too bad, right? WRONG! I could only do 2 rounds! My legs are like jello – BUT…I did the 2 rounds as rx'd!!

    I'm 47, mother of 2 (25y daughter and 23y son), guardian of my niece w/cerebral palsy and I live in Winder, GA (GO DAWGS!!). I found you on Pinterest. LOVE the workouts!

  58. I'm Carol (32) from Macon, ga. Found you about 2 weeks ago on Pinterest and love the WOD's! I have a 3 year old and 2 month old. Forgot to start a timer today, but two rounds took me about 30 min. I'm struggling since having my second baby, but determined to keep up with all these other mamas! Great motivation!

  59. 17:52
    20 KB/ otherwise rx'd

    39 years old… stay at home mom of 2 girls (14 & 4) and one boy (3). We live in the k.c. metro. Just finished level one cross fit certification. Love your site and the mama modifications! Found on Pinterest like most everyone else. Thanks…please keep them coming…your blog following is exploding recently!

  60. 24:30. (Still sore from the squats on Friday.)

    I'm Lauren from Carrollton, Georgia. I'm 30 and a mother of a 9-month-old boy.

    Found this site through Pinterest. Not my first time doing CrossFit, but I was trying to kick it with the boys at the gym right after having my kiddo, and I'm finding this is more my speed for now.

    Thanks for blogging! We all appreciate you getting our butts in gear.

  61. Wow..I don't think Im gonna be able to walk tomorrow! 24:27 plus a light jog for about 10 minutes..my legs couldn't take anymore.
    Im 20 years old currently living in England. I don't have any kids but I work with them everyday so I love how quick and challenging the workouts are. I got lucky and found this on pinterest!

  62. 24:22
    From cuyahoga falls, oh 52 years old and love these workouts! Although I don't comment each time. Found your link they Pinterest. Thanks for keeping me going!

  63. 24 minutes. RXed. First work out for cross fit. My legs feel like jello and I am dripping sweat! Found you through pinterest. My name is Crystal, 27 years old, mother of a 16 month old boy, from suwanee, georgia. My birthday is September 1st!

  64. 20:40 with an 8# dumbbell for kettle bells. Legs are killing me!!

    I am *almost* 31 and I have 2 small kids and I live in NW Arkansas. I found your blog through Pinterest and I'm so glad I did! I love that it's something new every day and always a challenge!

  65. 25:30
    That was killer! I kept having to pound my thighs to stop the burning so I could keep going! Jumped in the pool right after on a 100 degree California day.

    My name is Jenni and I am 33 years old, I live in Brentwood, CA and have 4 kids, 8, 6, 4, 2 and I am the founder of Crossfit Mamas! 🙂

    It has made me smile all day reading all about my Mamas. I am so proud of all of you! Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  66. ~37 mins (didn't use a timer) I live North of KC MO, I am 29 years old mother of a very cute 14 month old boy and I think that I found you on pinterest (but I can't be sure sorry!).

  67. 31:53.,..blech!!!! This was killer. Those lunges are something else! I am a former power lifter turned mommy turned crossfit-er!!! And am finally claiming back my body after having 3 kids in 4.5 years!!!! 32 years old, living in middle Texas and never felt better!!!!!

  68. 26:20

    man that hurt! that's what i love about crossfit though. when i saw the three hundred walking lunges i didnt think that i would be able to finish it, but you just have to power through!

    I'm almost 22, have 1 child, am in fredericton, NB and i found this blog via pinterest!

  69. I'm new here and Monday is usually my rest day (I work weekend nights at a hospital) but I wanted to say hi! I'm Kristi and I'll be 34 on 10/8. I have 3 boys (5, 3.5, and 2). Found you on Pinterest and am obsessed! I've been running (couch 25k) and want to start adding WODs in. I think you need a crossfit mamas badge so I can put it on my blog!!!

    1. I am working on making a button. It is on my to-do list. 🙂

  70. 19:21
    34 years old (May 3rd bday)
    Mom of 3 girls 8,4,2
    Brentwood, VS

  71. Just under 24 min. My legs are shaking!

    My name is Brittany, from Wenatchee, WA. 25 yrs old, with one 6 month old whose new favorite game is watching me do all these exercises. I found you on Pinterest (ironic, since I usually like to laugh at all my friends who pin dozens of exercise/workouts 🙂

  72. 27:33. Did 100 bicycles instead of the 50 sit-ups each round d/t back issue. CRIKEYS! That was TOUGH!

    Sandy, age 33, from Arkansas City, Kansas. Found you on Pinterest! Have two boys, ages 3 & 1, and with no gyms in town with childcare and a hubby that coaches football, THIS is the ONLY way I can get quality workouts in! No more Insanity or P90X for me… I AM COMPLETELY ADDICTED!!! Thank you so much for this blog, Jenni!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  73. 19:52– switched to regular lunges for last run. Figured it was better than quitting!

    I live in West Texas and am the mother of 12 year old twin boys. I love when I go further than I thought my body could go! Thanks for the power!!!

  74. 20:49..had to sub 10# for 20# kettleball (it's all I had)..I am in West Virginia, 32 yrs old, a mom of 5 girls(ages 15, 10, 9, 8,and 4) and one boy (21months)..after wearing out p90x I asked around about something new I could do and a friend suggested your site…love, love, love these workouts..intense, short, and new everyday!

  75. 27:47…sub 10# kettlebell also…didnt have heavier. First workout…I'm 33..birthday 9/18…I have 3 kids: 12, 10 & 8…in Frisco, TX (burb outside Dallas) havent worked out in months do to kids schedules…love the short workout- for super busy mom…I work graveyard so its hard to get workouts in….looking foward to tomorrow

  76. 23:38 as Rx'd. I am 40 with two girls, ages 11 and 7. I live in Omaha, Nebraska and found this blog on Pinterest. My ex-boyfriend swears by Crossfit and he has the body to prove it. Too bad the rest of him wasn't "fit" :-)!

  77. 29 from Cedar Hills, Utah! Mom of one busy 9 month old boy and I work full time. Found this blog on Pinterest and LOVE it! Makes workin out totally doable and fits in my crazy schedule. 🙂 took me 24:40. Kicked my trash!

  78. 17:29 all lunges first round and it got steadily uglier from there. 2nd round did 70 and 50 the last round and didn't even do the kb swings on the last round because I nearly fell on my face when getting up from the sit-ups my legs were shaking so bad.

    1. I'm also 30 live in Raeford,NC by way of the Army which I have dedicated 5 years to active duty and 7 years to civil service. (I'm trying to reclaim by fitness from the army days) but my heart is in Lander, WY where I am from and shall return to someday.

  79. 19:41
    My name is Kimberly and I'm 27 from Broomfield Colorado. I started the crossfit workouts in August. My friend Jenelle told me about the website. I have a 15 month year old little boy. I'm a runner and it's great to have a website like this to make me do excercises that I wouldn't normally do.

  80. 22:12. Hi I'm Cutina (DOB: 2/21), 26 years old, and I don't have any babies….YET! I live in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area. I normally only run but I was introduced to CF through one of my running group members over the summer. I fell in love instantly. I found your website through a Facebook friend. I am really happy I did too since the actual CF gyms are so pricey. Thank you for this & the wonderful community you've created 🙂

  81. 17:40 as rx'd
    31 momma of 2 (4 & 2) and I found this site because we are friends! I have been doing this for over a year and figure if I can look half as good as you it's worth it!

  82. 21:58, 31 year old mom of a 4 year old, and 1 year old in Denver, CO, found you on Pinterest. Love that I can get a work out in after work when my kiddos go to bed!

  83. 20:41
    Age 30 mom of 3 from Orem, Utah This is my 1st workout and I'm so glad I found you! I feel like I'm going to throw up! Birthday is November 18th and I found you on Pinterest.

  84. 21:51 with a 25# KB.

    I'm a 37 mother of 2 girls ages 6 and 8 living in the salt lake city area. i found you through pinterest, and i love it!!

  85. 28:51.4
    College Park, MD
    I'm 20 and heard about this on pinterest. I'm not a mom, hope thats okay!!

  86. 26:43 Great to be back at it after being sick all last week. I live in Lubbock, TX. I'm 26 and a mother of a 4 year old little girl. I found this blog on Pinterest and have loved it!!

  87. 23:25 with a couple of mods… Lunges in place and 6 lb dumbbell for KB swings

    I am 37 and live north east of Dallas. I have 4 kids (10, 7, 4 and almost 2). I found you from Foothill Home Companion.

  88. I am 25, live in Littleton, Colorado and I heard about this site on Pinterest. Also, a friend highly recommended I check it out because she was able to lose her baby weight with the help of these workouts! I am loving the workouts! I was unable to do the WOD today but can't wait to see what the WOD is tomorrow! Thanks Jenni!

  89. 32:15 without any mods. I'm a single mom of 2 amazing daughters ages 7 and almost 6. We live in Alpine, UT but will be purchasing a home in Lehi, UT next month! I'm 29 for another few months. My birthday is March 9th. I've been doing these workouts for 3 weeks and have lost 7 pounds! I'm very excited and can't wait to see what another 3 weeks will bring…. And another and another! 🙂

  90. Oh and my sisters found this blog on pinterest and told me about it. And im so happy they did!

  91. HOLY. Everything is jello. I can barely type 🙂 Time was 24:12. What a great WOD!!

    Im a 24 year old SAHM to a little 2 year old girl, and we are living in Orem Utah. I had been hearing about Crossfit from Pinterest and other blogs and I found this through googling ways to do Crossfit at home. THANK YOU for taking the time to post this stuff everyday. It is so encouraging and its actually something I can fit into our day even when it's crazy!

    I've only been doing this about 2 weeks but I can't wait to get in a better habit of more physical activity.

    Oh and birthday is 12/30 🙂

    Thanks again!

  92. Been out o it for a few days, so i only did 1 round. 10.17.

    I'm Sarah, from Brooklyn New York, and 38 yrs old. I do your workouts tues thru Sat, ad it works better for me to plan abead, set out all my equipment for my 6 am workout! Love your WOD's!!

  93. Forgot to leave a comment yesterday. 🙂 28:43

    I'm 33 and a mother, birthday may 7. I have 5 kids from 10 to 8 months. I'm from Colorado and a friend told me about your blog. I've been pretty faithful for the past 3 weeks. My body is aways sore but in a good way. I work out with a group of friends a few days a week. We get together to do your work outs only. The kids run around on there bikes well the moms push each other to do better. It's so much fun. When I can't get together with friends I do it at my house. There is about 8 moms that work out together each morning. We are the cross fit mamas in Colorado!!

  94. 22:14. I am not a momma but found your site on pinterest and LOVE it. I run in the mornings and do the WOD after work in the evening. I love that it is quick and effective. I live in Mountain Grove, MO and will be 43 tomorrow. 10/03

  95. Didn't workout Monday after a 43 mile bike on Sunday. I'm 34, for one more day, a Mom to one 5.5 year old boy who keeps me running! I've been long distance running for 10 years, but injuries over the summer forced me off the road and wanting to strengthen my body overall. This site has been wonderful! Stumbled across it in Pintrest. I live in track town USA… Eugene, OR. Love Pacific NW!

  96. 15:36
    Chris 23:23
    Marin 12:00 cut in half

    38 yr old mom of 3
    Brentwood CA
    Heard about this from you!

  97. Hi, I am an almost 48 year young mother of 2 young men 17 and twenty, maybe your oldest participant! I did the WOD in 30 mins flat-great workout, had to sub the kettlebells for pushups. Found you from a friend who is a box crossfitter. Thanks and my birthday is coming up October 15 🙂

  98. I'm saving this beast of a wod till the weekend, since I didn't get to this wod yesterday. It was so hot in Visalia that we made a day trip to Pismo to cool down 🙂 I wanted to go ahead and post my info though.
    I'm a 30 year old mother of twin 19 month old girls. From Visalia, ca. I found you through Jodie, my SIL 🙂

  99. Didn't do this WOD as had to drive 2.5 hours in the evening to pick my daughter up from my parents house but wanted to post my details.

    I'm Meg, am 23 years old and momma to 2 great kids, the girl is 4 and the boy is newly 2. We live in central Ohio and found the blog via Pinterest.

  100. I was unable to do the WOD today because of some sick kiddos but thought I would comment anyways!

    I'm Kelly S. I live in Johnstown, Colorado. I am 29 (30 in 28 days!) I heard about Crossfit Mamas actually from a CF box in Fort Collins. I went in to see about membership and none of their times were conducive to our schedule. I asked if I could do them at home and the gal that was talking to me told me about your site. She made sure I understood the form of some of the moves but so far I've loved this site.

    My husband and I did P90x in February six weeks after my second baby and it was a great jump start but I really don't have an hour a day to work out especially since my youngest is still up 3 times a night. This site is just perfect. I'm able to do most workouts with my kids around on the days I'm home and I can do them in the small gym we have at work on the days I'm there.

    Thank you so much for doing this site. I also have 10 weeks until I'm on the beach in Punta Cana for a wedding so here's to looking fab!!

  101. hopefully this isn't a double comment for me – iphone is hard to type on apparently!

    24:19 – this WOD was HARD after taking 2 weeks off to move!

    I found this blog via Pinterest and have followed it ever since 🙂 I'm 29 and live in Little Rock, Arkansas (just moved from Denver, CO)!

  102. 22:28
    That was a KILLER!! But I loved it….after it was over. I did decline sit-ups and 16# kettlebells.

    I live in Safford, Arizona. I'm 33 years old. A friend of mine recommended this site and I've really loved it so far. I usually don't have time to do a long workout, so this is perfect.

  103. 17:44

    I have been following you for over a month and LOVE your blog/workouts. My husband tried to retro fit his crossfit WOD's for me but it was never quite what I was looking for. You are awesome! Found you on pintrest.

    I am 33 years old, live in Cincinnati, OH and a mother of a 4 year old and 16 month old.

  104. 26:20, 10lb kettlebell

    I didn't want to finish. I was wishing for the upgraded gym membership so I could soak in the hot tub or go for a steam room instead! But I did it! It was at the gym so everything was a bit spread out and I probably didn't push as hard as I am capable of going.

    I'm 28, in Alberta, Canada and have 2 little ones: a nearly 3 year old and a nearly 1 year old. I found you on Pinterest a while ago and I'm really so happy with the results I've been seeing with these work outs. I've lost 20lbs since March and it really accelerated once I added the WODs!

  105. I'm 26, 2 boys ages 6 and 2, living in Gainesville, Florida. LOVE your site, saw it on pinterest about 6 months back have have been following and doing the workouts ever since, never commented before though 🙂 Thanks for the site!!!

  106. I'm 44, 3 kids aged 18, 16 and 3, from Perth, Australia. Found your site through Foothill Home Companion, and love it! Haven't done this one yet, as I'm still catching up after having a weekend away.

  107. I'm 28 yrs old… Jenni is one of my best friends

  108. So I am a few days behind, but I figured this would be a good place to post for the first time. I have been doing your WODs since Aug 25. LOVE them! Found you on pinterest, and so glad I did. I am a homeschooling mother of 3 (15,11,& 8) , 39 years old, from Chicago.
    My birthday is June 7th.
    Time was 21:18.

  109. That was harder than I thought. Knee touch walking lunges, KB swings w/ 35#. 33:44. Birthday is July 12, 1974. I am 38 and live in Greensboro, NC.

  110. crunches instead of sit-ups
    switched from 10lb. to 5lb. on KBS for rounds 2&3
    time: ??? maybe around 24min. I forgot to reset my stop watch after I had to unstick my 3 year olds arm from a chair! (1 of 2 interruptions)

    Mililani, HI
    4 kids – 8,6,3,4months
    friend of Jenni before this blog, I'm so lucky 😉

  111. Hi! I haven't completed a WOD just yet.
    I have chronic fatigue and my body is
    quickly turning to mush. I figure, nobody
    has ever died of being tired, and I want
    my life BACK. I promise I won't give up
    when the healthy fatigue (jello & burn) sets in.
    I may not be able to do all the rounds,
    I may not be able to do all the weight,
    but I feel confident I will improve.
    (even if i have the slowest times!) 🙂

    My name is Shelly, I'm 41,
    I have three kids (20, 10, 9).
    I live in Minnesota near Minneapolis.
    I followed a link, from pinterest to the blog and have been trying to figure out all the lingo etc. I'm ready!

  112. I'm late getting started this week due to being on vacation. However, I made myself start with Monday (instead of picking up with today) because 3 rounds of 100 lunges intimidated me.

    However, I conquered! As rx'ed except 25# KB – 40 reps.

    I'm Sara, 31, mama to a 2 year old active boy, and live in Western KY, and linked here through another blog at just the right time. I've been doing your workouts for about 2 1/2 months and I've never loved something more. At times the brevity of the workouts makes me think I'm not getting enough of a workout but I'm seeing the results so I know something is right! On vacation this week I even conquered the Manitou Incline…and felt so empowered!

    Thanks for all the work you put into this site!

  113. Hi! My name is Keri. I'm a 29 year old, first time mom to a 3 month old baby boy from Buffalo, NY. I'm familiar with CrossFit through my husband, but I found your blog on Pinterest. It's been a slow go getting back into working out since giving birth but I love your blog! Its quick and yet I'm sore for days! Today I only did 2 rounds, as my legs are like jello! Took me 24:25. Hopefully next time I'll be able to do 3 rounds and someday I'll be able to beat my time for 2 rounds! Thx!

  114. Hi! I'm 29 and live in Chicago. My husband crossfits and would try to make up workouts for me but they were always too hard. Then I found your blog on pinterest and it's perfect! I'm not a "mamma" yet but love the workouts. Thanks!! My time was around 21 min with 20lb KB.

  115. 21:17

    I've had so much going on the past two weeks that I haven't had time to workout. 🙁 Going to try to catch up on some of the workouts on the weekends.

    This was a great workout. My legs are burning! Thanks so much for this site.


  116. Finally got it done. 23:51 as rx'd. First try at cross fit sit ups, weren't as bad as I thought they'd be.

  117. I opted for this WOD instead of today's ….
    My name is Lisa
    I live in Pleasant Grove, UT
    I'm 42.
    I've been doing crossfit for 2 years at home, but never had a drive to finish the exercises quickly — Now that I've found your site it motivates me and brings out the competition I had once years ago.
    Thank you SO much for putting this blog together. I love it.

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