1. Didn't time but the push-ups were wicked 😉 Did the swings with 35lbs.

  2. DNF…. 🙁 Wahhh!
    Push up #75 my neck/shoulders seized and that was it for me. Can't turn my neck now. Ugh. Think my neck was still a bit off from the somersaults. Hope it clears up in the next few days so I can come back Monday!!
    At #75 my time was 4:50, so clearly this WOD was gonna take me a while. 🙂
    GL, Mommas!

  3. Mom of Five, you can use a dumbbell, that's what I use.

  4. 11:14 with 8 pound weight for kettle bells (I don't have one yet) and jumping jacks instead of jump rope. Great workout!!

  5. I'm so excited that I found your blog via Pinterest. I was doing Crossfit in the states before I left for Italy. I'm on a three month mission trip here, and I don't have any weights, so your blog is going to be super helpful. Thanks for being awesome! 😀

  6. Ugh Running T, that really sucks! Hope you didn't give yourself whiplash or something! :/
    Load up on Advil!

  7. 13:04.
    oh, man, this was killer, in an awesome sort of way. subbed dumbbell swings (5lbs) for kettle bell swings, but otherwise finished as RXed!!

  8. 13:52
    By the 75 rep of everything I was dead and wanted to move on to the next thing. But I pushed through and got them all. My push ups are pretty pathetic and I don't go down very far but it's farther today than it was 4 weeks ago when I started.

  9. 14:15 with jacks and #25 kb. i've been doing crossfit at a local gym and recently quit to save $$$. so glad i found your blog so i can get my crossfit fix.

  10. 12:10 with 10 lb. kb
    Compare to 13:58 in November
    Half the squats included a 20 lb. toddler! And some of the push-ups she was on my back!

  11. 36:02 -Again- I have the worst time! I completed though, with slight modifications. I split this into 4 segments of 25 each, substituting jumping jacks for jump rope. I also used a 15.5 dumbbell in place of the kettle bell. I finished 75 regular push ups but had to do wall pushups for the last 25. I DID IT!!!

  12. Oh my word! I just realized I added 100 situps to this. I could have sworn I saw 100 situps in the instructions. WOW – now I really feel better! Not only did I complete this, but I added something to it! lol

  13. 23:30. Woof. That was not fun. But hooray — I'm finished! (Hope the kiddo doesn't wake up soon. Can hardly pick up my water bottle much less my 20lb son.)

    DOB: 01/30

  14. 9:28. as rx'd. Happy Birthday Allison! And Happy Friday!!!!!

  15. 12:40 with 10 lb on KBS and jumping jacks. This is my first crossfit workout and I am already addicted!

    My name is Heather and my birthday is May 1. I am 7 weeks postpartum and ready to shed the baby weight!

  16. 18:34
    I hate push-ups, but so happy I did them all. Also subbed jumping jacks for jump rope.

  17. wow! that was hard but awesome!
    10:30 as rx'd

    Queen Bee you rock adding sit ups!

    Happy Friday mamas!

  18. Oh no Running T! I hope your neck gets back to normal soon. HUGS!

    14:06 That was wicked! Felt so good, especially after all that running yesterday. Yuck. Only sub I did was I used a 30# weight for my KBS. 🙂 Push ups were by far the worst part of it. The first 50 I banged out really nicely! All the way up, all the way down. Somewhere near the middle my arms kept failing me. UGH!

  19. Yikes! This took me 25 minutes.. 10 minutes alone to do the push-ups, but I'm glad I finished. I used a 10lb weight for the 'kettlebell' swings.

  20. 7:55!!! WOW!!! I loved it! I did boy push ups instead of girly push ups. Oh I also did jumping jacks instead of jumping rope. Thank you for posting all these WODs!!

  21. Hi, I'm a newbie. I love this site. You'll be seeing me more often.

    15lb dumbbell instead of KB
    Jumping Jacks instead of Jump Rope

  22. 12:08 I did jumping jacks instead of jump rope and I did 50 of my squats with 8 lb dumbbells!

  23. Thanks, Ladies. It's pretty messed up. 🙁 It's such a pain in the neck (hahahah! Sorry, bad joke…at least I can laugh). Hope I didn't f* it up so bad that I have to do PT again! Blarg!! Frustrated!

    Those are some great times! WOW!!

  24. 15:03

    subbed 10lb. then 5lb. to save my shoulder on kettle


  25. 9:33 10lb kettebell
    I did 75 pu first and then other 25 at the end.

  26. BTW Jenni, I think it's time you got YOUR pic at the top of this blog! you're THE CrossFit Mama!

  27. 14:20 as rx'd
    Push ups took me half of the time! I hope I get better at them someday!!

  28. 10:40 all boy push ups, 20# kettlebell, and 20# weighted front squats for 50 and plain squats for 50.

  29. You people are amazing! I dunno how you all do it so fast! My time was 26:54 and I accidentally did 100 sit ups too! Second WOD of the day. Whew!

  30. 13 m
    46 sec
    Wall pushups
    10 lbs kettle ball

  31. 15:38. Used 6lbs in hand weights for the KBS, rest as rx'd.

    I. Am. Dying. now though. My legs are failing me.

  32. Forgot to post this yesterday! 11:46 with mix of regular and girl pushups and first 40 with a 15lb kettlebell, next 60 with 20lb. Great work out! My arms are KILLING me today!

  33. Did this one today. 21:46 man it took me forever to do the pushups. 9:45 of that time was just the pushups.
    Have a great day everyone!

  34. Finally, I got to do "my" workout! 9:12 with real pushups and with 20lb kettlebells. Good workout for post-birthday weekend!

  35. I broke this up into 2 sets of 50 each, I felt like I had better form that way.

    girl push-ups
    16# kettlebell
    50 of my squats were weighted with 16#

  36. 9:40
    Did this WOD after next Tuesday. I'm beat and my arms are jello!

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