1. Rain, rain go away….I want to do my CrossFit today. 🙁

    Any good indoor sub for runs if I can't go outside? I can't do ropes inside either so that is out (ceilings not high enough in apt)…maybe do kettlebells or – eek – burpees? (Ugh, the thought is terrifying! LOL)
    How long would you all suggest? I can do 800m in about 4-4:30…do burpees/kettlebell for same time or pick a number of reps?

  2. Running T one if my indoor subs is step ups
    Chilly and misty here made for a cold wet ride!
    Off to do yesterday's WOD I was sick in bed all day grrrr

  3. Ran 3 miles, 50 squats after 2 miles, sit ups at end 46 minutes

  4. 14:27 — Great workout with sore calves!

    Does anyone know what shorts many of the ladies in the picture are wearing (2nd through 4th)? They look like Lululemon speed shorts but have a Reebok Crossfit logo on them. I can't find them on the Reebok website but was hoping they might be a cheaper alternative to Lululemon's.

  5. 21:57
    Ran straight/walked the curves on 400 meter track.
    I think the hardest thing was getting up off the ground after the sit ups and doing that last 800 meters. Feel so good that I did it and faster then I thought I would.

  6. 17:30. Ha after the squats I felt like a kid that was spun in circles and left to stand and try to walk. It took me a couple minutes to get my bearings. And it took me a minute to shut my timer off so my time was actually shorter.

  7. I left a little piece of my soul in my front lawn. I despise running! Finished in 22:06. In my head, during each 400 m run I thought about just doing 400 m. But somehow my legs pushed through and I did it. Lolol

  8. 15:56

    Ran in one of our sample tank tops. I could feel the wind through it and it felt good! So excited for printing!

  9. Almost embarrassed to post my time – I'm new to this (it's only my 4th day), but I finished and so proud I didn't stop!!

    38:28 – I'm NOT a runner, however, I walked at 3mph-3.5mph for 1/2 mile segments on my treadmill. I did manage to slow jog (4 mph) for 1/4 mile – treadmill time was 27:44 for all 3 800m segments

    50 squats were good, struggled through 50 situps, but I DID IT!!!

  10. Why can't I love running? Such a mind block…17:02

  11. Thanks Crystal! Those are them… and they are more expensive than the Lululemon shorts. Go figure! 🙂

  12. 24:36. First time ever doing this and it felt great!! I'm definitely dying but it feels great. Thanks for posting these!!

  13. 19:13 Seems slow, but I did this on a rock road, across a beach and through a wooded trail, which was not easy running at all… so I'm pretty impressed with this time 🙂
    16:28, did 3 more rounds of 800m on the way home, but skipped the squats and sit ups.

  14. Rain went away! 🙂 Thank you! Beautiful weather for this WOD.

    18:40 pushing my 2yo in his stroller, which, as a side note is, I think, the first ever running stroller ever designed. It is older than dirt and it has one tire that is basically flat (which makes for good maneuvering). I was pretty impressed with my time given that I was pushing him and I haven't done that in quite a while.
    Oh, and they were half mile intervals, instead of 800m, easier to use my GPS watch then try to figure it out another way since I wasn't on a track.

    Love the running workouts!! 🙂

  15. PS – Jenni – can't wait for the shirts!! Totally excited!! Got an idea when they'll be available (no rush – haha!)?

  16. 13:03 compared to 16:14 and I am still jet-lagged!

  17. My time was 7:00! I went back and did Friday's workout because my ankle is still a little weak! It felt so good! 🙂

  18. Do I get the first shirt since I'm your sister??? 🙂
    And since I was your first follower back when you would text me the wod?! 😉

  19. Forgot to post yesterday…27:15. I walked the last 2 800 meters.

  20. 21:02 Finished it last night, but was too pooped to get on the computer to post my time. Can't wait to get stronger and faster!

  21. 23:07 as rx'ed

    Traveling this week…higher altitude and more hills than I'm used too.

  22. I have been needing to get ready for a 5k on Thanksgiving, so I ran 2.5 miles in 30 minutes (I know, I'm so slow). So, I just did the squats and sit-ups seperately. Didn't time anything, but I did it.

  23. Not the best time. 24:57. I took a couple days off this week and felt how much harder this was today after missing days! I'll be sure not to miss 2 days in a row again!

  24. Did this one yesterday just didn't get it posted right. 18:45 🙂

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