Wednesday 09.26.12

7 rounds for time of:
3 Forward rolls (somersaults)
5 Sit-ups
7 Knees to elbows
9 Box jumps, 18″ box


  1. Haven't tried yet, but this is going to be a slow one for me today! 🙂
    First time for a forward roll!

  2. 11:05; Boy PU for rolls, floor knee to elbows, dining chair for box jumps.

  3. 10:02

    I did the first two rounds with rolls then my neck krinked up (think I made up that term just now) and so I stopped that….(I"ve had neck issues in the past…don't want to relive them). Better to mod then DNF!! Right!?
    On a side note, the rolls were fun while they lasted, but boy they made me dizzier than I remember from when I was younger!!

    pilates "seal" rolls rounds 3-7
    mod sit-ups (diastasis…hope it heals up soon! I miss sit ups!!)
    Step ups on 18" chair (raining out where my normal step is to do jump ups)

    Accomplishment: My knees to elbows were actually almost knees to elbows (for the first 2! Haha…then they were more knees to boobs again). I ALMOST got to my elbows which is WAY better than a month ago when I could barely raise an inch!! Woop Woop!!

  4. 13:06. Leg lifts instead of KTE's. The somersaults made me dizzy, too!!!

  5. 7:55 with jump squats instead of box. Knees were to waist. Rest as rx'd

  6. 11:30, knees to shoulders, 10lb ball with sit ups, rest as rx'd.

  7. 9:18 with mods due to tailbone injury: Boy PU, sit ups as far as I could, knees to waist, jump one one step. I real yea ted to try forward rolls, but a trial one told me my tailbone is not ready yet.
    Did this with my running partner, then we ran 3 miles.

  8. 12:38 P90X "Dreya" rolls instead of forward rolls and step-ups.

  9. Ugh, I am soooo slow!! 20:02. Those forward rolls are tricky, I kept landing too hard on the back of my neck/upper back, even after googling a video. Did them, though. Knees to waist/boobs, only have a 12" jumpable box right now, but even those are still tough for me.

  10. 6:50
    Did first round with forward rolls but am worried about re-injuring my neck/upper back so I subbed jumping jacks for the other 6 rounds.

  11. 9:16

    I landed super hard on my first few rolls on my back… it worked good when I tucked my neck more.

  12. 7:58

    Only subs I made was v-ups for the KTE, jumped over a 5 gallon bucket (was about 18" in height), and did my sit ups with a 30# weight.

    I wish I had known what a dreya roll was, I totally would have done that! Those somersaults made me wicked dizzy!

  13. 16:42 today. Subbed pu for rolls after the first two rounds. K2E on floor. Tough one – love it!

  14. 9:01 – couldn't figure out the rolls without landing pretty hard on my back, so substituted burpees, and did KTE on the floor.

    My six month old thought the jumping was hilarious 🙂

  15. Thank you very much for the bday shout out!!! I have been out of commission for a couple days because I rolled my ankle on Friday hiking. This was a good workout to get me back into the game 🙂

    oh my time was 4:25, but I did weighted squats (20lbs)instead of somersaults because of my neck and jump knee slaps instead of box jumps. 🙂 Which is probably why my time is so good today 🙂

  16. 14:13
    I did dreya rolls for somersaults. I tried to do K2E, but was struggling, so last 4 rounds did leg lifts.

  17. 13:05, lots of modifications

    Tried Dreya rolls for the first three rounds then switched to boy push ups for the forward rolls

    Leg lifts for KTE's, no bar

    jump ups on bosu ball, no box

  18. 12:07

    standing knee lifts instead of KTEs, could not box jump (I tried twice, lost balance both times)- so I did step ups with 18" box

  19. 9:33. I could NOT for the life of me do a forward roll so instead I did volleyball rolls. Killer workout though!

  20. 10:55. I bet I haven't done a somersault in 20 years:) Step up for box jumps.

  21. 7:50, knees to above waist rather than elbows and single step for box jumps. The pillow for rolls was a GREAT idea!

  22. 9:30 with the pillow, kte on floor, box.jumps to couch/ottoman

  23. 13:53

    Not feeling it today. :/ barley found motivation to get started.

  24. 14.45. The sometsaults sliwed me down. Fir the first 4 riunds i did jacknives in the floor, last three i held mu bf ankles and brought my toes up to his waist.

  25. 7:08 was sick for this yesterday. Finished after Doing the 9/27 WOD
    Pilates rolls, leg lifts for KTE (can't wait to get my brackets for my bar – maybe they'll come today?!?!) and step ups for jumps

  26. 8:44 floor k2e Wednesday am. Putting up bar today, tired of waiting for my hubby to do it…

  27. 8:44 floor k2e Wednesday am. Putting up bar today, tired of waiting for my hubby to do it…

  28. 9:03 All but 2 knees to chest/waist. Subbed dreya rolls for forward rolls. Harder than I thought! Hate those K2E.

  29. 9:19
    k2e on floor
    reverse crunches
    10 inch box

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