1. 4:35, as Rx'd. Did yesterdays workout beforehand too, wasn't feeling good yesterday. Nice workout!!

  2. So 25 of each, then 15 then 9? Just to be clear, sometimes I forget the basic stuff…lol

  3. 3:29 40lbs for both moves. Legs burning and feeling like jello!

  4. 3:49. 40 lbs for deadlift and 30 for squat. Did it after doing yesterday's WOD.

  5. Yes, Jen – do a set of 21 of both, then do the 15, then the 9. Have fun, sweat hard! 🙂

  6. 4:27. 50lbs first set of deadlifts. Then 30lbs for rest of it.

  7. Thanks Running T! That's what I thought 🙂
    40 lbs for both moves.
    I'm so unco-ordinated when I have to hold the bar on my shoulders for the front squat! Had to keep re-positioning. I'm getting better though, slowly!

  8. 4:06
    just deadlift-ed the bar (45), rest as RXed. Thanks, that was a great workout!

  9. 11:00 bar + 60 lbs for deadlifts. Accidentally did OH squats instead of front squats 20 lbs.

  10. I first did the workout with my 25# bar, both deadlifts and front squats. Finished in 3:06. Felt bad because the deadlifts were way too light like I knew they would be, and grabbed hubby's 30 lb handweights (one in each hand) and re-did all the deadlifts. 🙂 I'm feeling much better. lol I can't wait to order some bumpers for my bar so I can add more weight and not be so limited!

  11. 5:33
    25lb. bar
    My 2 year old kept wanting to help me, so I had to stop a few times.

  12. 3:00 as rx'd with 30#
    too light for the dead lift but I only have one set of weights and knew anymore would be too much for the squats. guess it's time to buy a bar =)

  13. 4:48 with 50 or 55lbs (not sure if the bar was 30 or 35lbs by itself!!) my arms are killing me!!

  14. 4:26
    As RXed
    Super slow and precise for proper form to protect my back.

  15. 5:48
    used 25 lb dumbbells instead of bar for both – it was all I had!

    New to this – LOVE it so far…tomorrow might be another story ;P

    7/24 birthday

  16. 4:18… 20# for both. I only have light handweights at home. Need to get bigger dumbells or a bar set.

  17. 4:26 as rx'd after doing yesterday's workout. Awesome feeling!

  18. 4:39 45lb for both

    And forgot to post yesterdays WOD time – 5:36

    Thanks Jenni

  19. 5;24, but didn't have heavy enoughweights,so i used my toolbox, which wheighs 26 lbs.

  20. appx 4:39 (i forgot to restart the clock for the 21 front squats)

    65# deadlift
    front squat as RX'd

    did this after doing the wod from the previous day…

  21. Finally posting this after figuring out why it wasn't posting before. 4:37 with 30.5lbs on both

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