Monday 09.24.12


For time:
25 sit-ups
1 pull-up
20 sit-ups
2 pull-ups
15 sit-ups
3 pull-ups
10 sit-ups
4 pull-ups
5 sit-ups
5 pull-ups

Compare to  11.04.11

Don’t worry Mamas. I can’t do a pull up either….. but I never will if I
don’t try every once in a while. So do your best, use a chair or a
husband to assist your attempts and go slow on the way down. If you
don’t have a pull-up bar yet, sub for push-ups. I am going to try for the
pull-ups……someday I will get one on my own! 

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  1. 9:56, but I substituted bent over dumbell rows for pull-ups. Someday I'll do one!

  2. 4:11. Maybe the only time I'm thanking Tony from P90X for those pull ups. Still hard, though!

  3. 4:04. Subbed leg lifts for sit-ups and boy pu's for pull-ups.

    I want to buy a pull-up bar. What brand(s) do all of you have and do you recommend it?

    1. I am not sure the brand of mine. I am sure it is generic but I love it because you don't have to mount it. It just hangs on the door jam and then gets put back in the garage when we are done. Definitely get one of those.

  4. 4:01 w/ assisted pull-ups and 8lb med ball with sit ups.

  5. 15:15
    It was all a killer. I don't think my pelvis is back to normal yet (had a baby 3 months ago).

  6. 5:24, include some extra seconds for my three year old hanging on me! (but, really, I'm so glad my kids are seeing me exercise and want to do it, too)
    I don't have a bar so I subbed in boy PU for pull-ups, but you've inspired me to do some pull-ups when I take my kids to the park this afternoon.

  7. Oh I suppose I should leave my name and DOB.
    I am Mariam DOB 12/27
    I have a 14 month old boy.

  8. 4:25 as rx'd with a little help at the end with my pull-up bar.

    SWiemers – I have a Total Gym Pull up bar and like it a lot. The con is that it hangs between the door jambs so you can't close that particular door.

  9. Finished in 5:09. I had to sub slow and controlled boy push ups for the pull ups as I'm still healing my shoulder from an injury and any kind of hanging HURTS! I also did my sit ups with a 30 lb dumbell. Had to make it a *little* more difficult. 🙂 I sure am feeling it in my triceps!

  10. 5:40 girl push ups instead of pull ups… Someday I'll be able to do a pull up! 🙂

  11. 3:30 doing crunches (I have such weak stomach muscles, I cant get all the way up lol) and no pullup bar, I did pushups.

  12. 14:27, and I can do 1 unassisted pull-up! After that 1, needed to kneel on my bench and get a boost. Lowering slowly, though, really burns great!

    And thanks for the birthday shout-out. 🙂

  13. 6:27 with push ups instead of pull ups (no bar)

  14. 7:48 This is my first time. Thanks for the great workout. Assisted pull-ups. my birthday is Feb. 23rd.

  15. I have distasis recti (abs separated due to carrying twins) sit ups makes it worse. Any substitutions for them?

    1. I've heard that planks with leg raises help. I had the same thing. A 6 inch diastasis from 2 inches above my belly button all the way down with a hurnia. I had surgery to correct it when my youngest was 18 months.

  16. 5:05 with the most awkward jump up- fall gracelessly but with some control down pullups 😛

  17. 5:25 wall assisted pull ups, then boy push ups for last 2 sets

    birthday November 8

  18. 9:58 – I used a pull up bar and a chair for assisted pull ups.My sit ups suck right now but you gotta start somewhere.

    I am so lucky to have found this site. I'm just getting back into CrossFit after having my third baby and can't wait for the results. As a mom of three I need the quickness of the workouts. Looking forward to working with you all!

    My bday is September 23


  19. 4:39
    Jump up, slow down.
    Why are pull-ups so hard?!

  20. 4:39
    Jump up, slow down.
    Why are pull-ups so hard?!

  21. had my 4th baby almost 4 months ago & injured my tailbone 6 weeks postpartum. with that and a lack of equipment and I have to sub. a lot of exercises.

    girl push ups for pull-ups
    one sec. plank per sit-up (i tried to hold 2 sec. per sit-up but there was no way I'd make it through the whole workout!)

    only took me 2:41
    but I did walk/run for 20 minutes before this.
    I've got a lot of weight to loose & I just wanted to share my situation because these workouts are tough but it can be done!

  22. 5:40

    No pull up bar so subbed boy push ups. First time here, feel quite out of shape!

    Birthday 10/25

  23. 4:03 as RX'd, assisted pull ups with feet on daughters play kitchen 🙂

    I have a Gold's Gym pull up bar that is removable, hangs on the door molding. I think it was $15 from Walmart.

  24. 2:50 with chair assistance for pull ups. Bday 3/4.

  25. 5:06 with 10 push-ups each round instead of pull-ups

  26. 3:31 – last 2 sets assisted pull-ups
    compared to 3:23 (that was with chin-ups)

  27. I used a chair to assist me with my pull ups. I finished in 6:20.

    Can I just say how much I love this blog?! I'm only a couple weeks in and several people complimented me on being skinnier this past weekend! It felt great! I know it's because of these work outs. THANKS so much for helping me change my life 🙂

  28. 8:22
    i switched every other set of sit ups with some regular and reverse crunches.

  29. 3:28. Mod situps b/c of diastasis
    pull ups were assisted w/stool. Then did some jump up-slow downs…those are such a killer!!

    PS – Jessica Petras: how do you use a band under your feet to do the p/u? Are you doing these at home or your local box?

  30. 7;06, with some technical difficulties with my set up. Did incline pull ups with a broom actiss two bar stools. Also can't do sit ups without hooking my feet.

    I have a theory that while some of thi is lack of core strength, i am really ling waisted and short legged. Is it pissible my center of gravity is too lowgir sit ups? I have never been able to do them without hooking my feet, even as a competitive cheerleader( an i had abs back then!)

  31. A day late, but I didn't want to miss this one. 8:10 w/ chair assisted pull-ups.

    B-day 4/22/80

  32. To help with doing sit ups without "hooking" feet… try rolling up a towel and putting it under your lumbar space. This should take the hip flexors out of the movement and make it possible to do. Will make the abdominal muscles work more too. This suggestion came from CrossFit level one certification coach. They also suggested a product called AbMat. Hope this helps 🙂

    Trying to get this one in today… feeling under the weather though.

  33. 5:30 subbed leg lifts for sit-ups; jump pull-ups for strict pull-ups.

  34. 4:37 wasn't able to post yesterday for some reason. Did jumping pull-ups. Some day I will do a real one.

  35. 7:10 with boy push ups. new to this, but extremely excited!!! Just had a baby boy in April and ready to start working out again! My birthday is September 14 🙂

  36. 2:34 with push-ups. I did go to the park and attempt some pull-ups… They were very assisted 😉

  37. 4:21 doing decline sit-ups and boy push-ups. All while my one year old was crawling all over me.

  38. Running T – to do the pull-ups I looped a band around the bar and just stepped on it. It takes away a lot of the resistance.. well I guess it depends on how stretchy your band is. We have one of the monster bands from Rogue. I'm doing this at home. 🙂

  39. 4:20
    Used the assisted pull up machine at the gym with half my body weight

    Birthday: 01/25/1983

  40. Thanks, Jessica – I'm going to look into that! I have bands but I don't think they are strong enough to support my weight.

  41. 6 m
    29 s
    Using a small chair for support with Pullups

  42. 7:16 as Rx'd but chin-ups getting steadily uglier after the first.

  43. 6:07 as Rx'd. I actually did 2 real pull ups!! The rest I started with a jump, and like Melinda said, got steadily uglier. : )

  44. 6:17 mostly crunches, assisted pull-ups, though i almost got the first one un-assisted! (very exciting for me)

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