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Friday 09.21.12

3 rounds for time of:
15 Weighted squats, 20lbs
15 Push-ups
15 Jump lunges
15 Knees to elbows
15 Hang clean, 20lbs
15 Back extensions

Compare to 10.31.12


  1. 10:40

    As Rx'd except 30# weight for squats and hangs (again, I forgot to add in the weight of the bars and made it 10# more than I needed).
    My hangs were totally sloppy at first but I got it around midway round 2. Oh, and just lunges – can't do jumping ones in apt – downstairs neighbor would be annoyed!! 🙂

    PS – Great way to lose weight fast! Question if your weights are correct. Get on scale with them. Note weight. Put weights down. Get on scale. Note weight. Smile big. I "lost" 30# today!!! 🙂 Hahaha!

  2. LOL love the weight loss tip!
    as rx'd except leg lifts instead of K2Es – still no pull up bar!!

  3. How do you do a back extension if you don't have a GHD?

    1. In case you didn't see Running T's response, there us a video tutorial on the full site, right side bar.

    2. I do them on a ball, you brace your feet on the wall, and put the ball under your hips, I do keep my finger tips on the floor just for some balance…

  4. 9:16 as rx'd
    Girl push ups today
    I'm spent for the week! Thanks jenni

  5. 10:14
    some sort of weird tricep pain inducing elevated leg raise (i'm sure that's the technical term :P) instead of k2e.Great work out!!

  6. 18:39. 90 lb squats, 40 lb cleans. Took my time to get my form down. That was a tough one! Bday 3/4

  7. 11:08 with 2 8# dumbells and leg lifts instead of knees to elbows.

  8. Liz: I don't have one, I do them on the floor. There is a video below if you scroll down!

  9. You girls are fast!! 12:00 for me; bar + 40 lbs for the squats. Mostly leg lifts for KTE, but did get a few KTEs in. Girl push-ups.

  10. 10:06 – used 30lbs and did leg lifts for K2E

  11. 8:44 as RXed
    Finally got a pull up bar. I don't think mine can actually be called knees to elbows. Knees to belly button really :/ do those get easier?

  12. 11:45
    WOW, I am STILL sore from the walking lunges so I think I am spent!! 8 miles tomorrow!!

    My KTE are still Knees to Belly!!!

  13. Me 11:38; the hubs 9:43
    Sub push ups for hang clean

  14. 11:10 #45 bar squats, girl pushups. Man having a baby makes you so out of shape!

  15. 8:48
    As RXed
    My KTEs start out to my elbows and then each rep they go down to shoulders, boobs, and then rep 15 is barely above waist!

  16. Ian and Amy: The KTE do get easier…but I'm still not up to elbows yet (been doing this about a month)!! I used to be Knees to an inch higher, barely a movement…now I'm knees to boobs. I like Jenni's description above!
    Jen – good idea with the balance ball for back extensions…I will try that and see how long it takes me to lose balance and roll onto the floor.

    1. Thanks for feed back running t and jenni. I've been doing the wods since January but just barely got a pull up bar. I knew I wouldn't be able to get all the way up to my elbows, but I sure thought I could get higher than my belly! Little bummed, but I will just keep working at it 🙂 love this community of mamas!

  17. 17:00
    I guess I'm slow today! 🙂
    As rx'd except I used 40 lbs instead of 20.
    My K2E's are getting much better, I can get them to my chest now, instead of barely to my waist! 🙂

  18. 14:20 – this is only my second week, but I look forward to seeing progress. I modified to 45 degree pushups and stationary lunges. Whew. I was exhausted. Afterwards, I think I lay on the floor in a daze for 10 minutes!

  19. Jeeze, waiting for the day when my times aren't lightyears slower than everyone elses!! 21:02. Did 30# squats, 30 full push ups, 15 girl, can't do K2E so did knees to belly. Also used balance ball for back extensions.

    Feeling awesome, though!! I think this is week 3 for me. Finally got hubby convinced and he's starting the WOD's from the main site. Loving it!

  20. 11:28, girl pushups, knees to somewhere above waist (glad those get easier down the road!), used dumbbells for cleans. I *almost* saved this workout for tomorrow, but I'm glad I did it today 🙂

  21. 14:33..I sub'd jumping jacks for the jump lunges because I am just not coordinated, I kept tripping over my own feet. I also just used the only weights I have, two 8 lbs. Is it ok if I dont do things EXACTLY how it says on here? I feel bad whenever I dont do it 'right'.

  22. 10:26

    1st time to site! 🙂
    Boy PU
    No bar, just 10# dumbbells
    K2E on mat w/reverse ab curl and lifting shoulders

  23. 11:47. 1/2 boy push ups k2r substituted with leg raises and last 7 jumping lunges were regular lunges. My legs were jello

  24. 11:37 – This was my first day so I had to modify some of the exercises due to lack of strength/equipment. But I did do all 45 regular "male" push ups, which I'm pretty proud of!

  25. 12:04, cut the knees to elbows and switched crunchy frogs instead…no pull up bar

  26. 20:00
    25# for squats and cleans
    1st round knees to hips and then next 2 rounds leg lifts
    It was a little intimidating today since my hubby was home and watching. Now to go running with my kiddos.

  27. 12:14 1st round – knees to chest, 2nd and 3rd round leg raises. All boy PU but 10.

  28. Hi, Jenni. I am glad I found tourmsite and want to begin doing the WODs soon. I was just looking at some different days as well as the videos you have posted. What is the difference between a hang squat clean and just a hang clean? I only saw the video for the hang squat clean. Sorryif I am just not seeing it. Thanks for the help and for keeping the blog up!

    1. Hi Lindsey- a hang clean is the same movement as a hang squat clean but without the squat after the weights are to your shoulders. Does that make sense? If I don't have that video yet, you can YouTube: crossfit hang clean and you will get a bunch of videos. I will try to add that one.

  29. Second crossfit workout, took me almost half an hour! Clearly, room for improvement. 🙂

  30. That does make sense. I think I can figure it out now, thanks! 🙂

  31. Squats with 95lbs, hand cleans with 20s.

    3 rounds for time (10:42), 2 more rounds for fun.

  32. I did this one yesterday since it was a busy weekend for me.

    I did boy push-ups for all push-ups! Also did leg lefts for K2E.

  33. 9:26 – live from NYC!
    subbed leg lifts and sit ups for KTE

  34. 14:30
    Really fought through to get my knees to elbows. Probably got all but 7.

    Man, that slowed me down!

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