Wednesday 09.19.12

For time:
Run 500 meters
50 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
Run 400 meters
40 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
Run 300 meters
30 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
Run 200 meters
20 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
Run 100 meters
10 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball


  1. Woke up on time! 🙂

    15:38 – 4# ball (but I finally got an old basketball that I can fill with sand, so I'm one step closer to using the proper weight!!)

    Fun workout! (I like the running!!)

  2. I did yesterday's today since I missed yesterday and don't have a place to run today: 11:29

  3. 13:28, treadmill running and thrusters sub for wall balls. Great fast workout. I'm not a mom, but I travel a lot and these are great to do on the road when you are limited with equipment, or on busy days! Thank you!

    1. You don't have to be a Mom to be a "Mama". 😉

  4. 20:52 w a 12lb ball. I seriously hate running – it KILLS me!!!

  5. 12:30. First 4 runs at 7 speed, last run at 8.
    So my home made ball was a disaster this morning… It ripped open and rice spilled all over my face, but I kept on going. Did the wall balls with my sons regular basketball. I think today I will finally splurge on a weighted ball.

  6. Wasn't able to do today's. My friend came down with mastitis and running with my 2 1/2 year old is challenging at best. We did last Monday's WOD. 🙂 I will likely give this one a shot on Saturday when DH is home.

    1. My butt is SO sore from yesterday! Today is going to hurt.

  7. 20:52 with squat thrusters.

    Not too sure how accurate my runs were because I converted to miles. What do you guys use to track meters?

    2nd time here. Kicks my butt!

    1. Sign up foe llr An account on daily mile.com. You canser llt it to km in settings and map your distances ahead of time.

  8. 19:57
    I used a 4# ball because that's what I had. I'm going to get a 10# ball and a jump rope today. Is there a list of all the equipment we need somewhere?

    1. Right sidebar of the full site under suggested equipment.

    2. Not sure if this posted forst time, so sorry if i's a repeat. Yry dailymile.com, you can map runs and you can set the esttings to km, yhats how i mPped mine!

  9. 20:34, ran every last meter for the first time at 6 mph on treadmill, 200 m on last round to make even mile.

  10. 14:12 – no chance to run with the weather, so I jumped rope for 45 seconds/100m RXed, wall balls with 6# ball.

  11. 11:00!!! WOW! I almost did not do this workout because of my aversion to running, but I grabbed my Great Dane and she ran it with me and boy did that help! 🙂

    1. If you did the WOD as RXed then you did it as prescribed meaning no modifications.

  12. 14:50 thrusters instead of wall ball. Birthday May 6th.

  13. 16:35 probably would have been faster but had to take a minute to get te kids off the bus

  14. 17:17 as rx'd. Did this after supper, I do not like running with food in my stomach! Barf! There's a reason I run in the morning! Lol

  15. 15:23-sub thrusters with 10lb dumbbells-this was a fun one too! I love this site…thank you so much!
    By fun I mean so challenging!!

  16. 19:27 as rx'ed. I love the running, I'm just not very good at it 🙂 but I pushed and sprinted as much as I could!

  17. Niki:
    Another member recommended this site and it's great:


    Just plug in your address, or where you are running from and it will show you the distance in miles, km, feet, or meters.

  18. Thank you for the awesome blog!! I just found you and started tonight! I love that it is something new and short, but killer, daily…thank you!!

  19. 18:37 with 8# ball as only mod.

    So grateful tonight for a workout I can do after my little is in bed. NEEDED the stress relief SOOO bad. Thanks for your work here!

  20. 20:45. Plain old basketball, but ready to fill it with some sand.

    1. Beware of Tiffany's (Valentine) story! Hers blew up in her face! Sand everywhere. My 10 lb soft weight ball was only like $12 at Target.

  21. 14.26 w thrusters si and a half lbs in each hand. All mu outdoor running space has railing surrounding, so no space for wall balls. I think my neighbors in Brooklyn think i am crazy, and one j$cka$$ told me to stop running and work on my stomach, fortunately i ignored him and kept going.

    1. What!?! What a jacko! He sounds like a real winner. Good for you Sarah!

  22. Forgot to start my watch. 🙂 But right around 10 mins. Substituted 150 jumpropes for the run b/c I ran 6 miles in the morning. Used 12lb ball which was hard! (need a lighter one) Butt is sore from all the walking lunges the previous day.

    1. Depends on the kind you want but i got mine at Target for under $15. It is just a rubber weight ball.

  23. 15:15 did it today (Thurs, 9/20) after completing "Tabata Fight Gone Bad" WOD. Not fun!

  24. 12:50

    Legs are shaky!! Also my "beehive" is super sore from yesterday's walking lunges… (that's 3 year old lingo for butt fyi) 🙂

  25. 18:00

    I don't know how to figure out how far meters are, so I just ran around the block and then made it less and less. I'm pretty sure I ran more than what was required, but that's just extra working out, so not complaining too much. Except I could hardly get out of bed this morning, so sore.

  26. Hi! I love your workouts, thank you for posting them! I was just curious where you get them…do you create them or modify CrossFit WODs? I noticed they don't seem similar to the same day's WOD on CrossFit.com. Also, I'm trying to increase my muscle mass, do you think I can accomplish that with these workouts or should I stick with traditional weight training which is what I typically do? Thanks again!

    1. Yes, all of the Crossfit Mama workouts are adapted from crossfit.com. If you look back to last weeks WODs on the Crossfit site you will see ours from this week. You will absolutely increase muscle mass doing these WODs. You can increase your lift to whatever weight you want. I keep the upper lifting at 20 lbs because I don't want to bulk up in my upper body.

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