Monday 09.17.12

4 rounds for time of:
30 Wall ball, 10 lb ball
30 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups

*Note to my Mamas: I have added a few posts to our facebook page I have also answered a common question and will try to reply to questions I get in comments on the facebook page as well so I can be sure everyone can get access to the answers.  I am going to try to leave a Tip of the Week there as well, especially when I get the same question repeated throughout the week.
P.S. You guys are all awesome!! 🙂


  1. 11:05
    i messed up my homemade wall ball =(
    10 lb thrusters, girl PU

  2. 17:53, simply awful! I did have to sub thrusters for the wall balls.

  3. So you sub thrusters for wall ball if you are doing WOD at home? Any other suggestions?

    1. I do wall ball at home. I have used the side of my house, a garage beam, and interior walls. But you can sub thrusters for wall ball. PS I need your name for your birthday WOD.

  4. 16:11
    by the way, what is the facebook link? I couldn't find it just by using the search bar.

    1. No frowny face! Here, with the Mamas, you are only modifying if you do boy push-ups!! We are GIRLS! 🙂

  5. First timer! 14:22 with thrusters instead of wall ball and I did mostly girl push ups. Excited to keep trying these workouts!

    My birthday is Oct. 8th

  6. 10:43

    My arms are total Jell-o from Fridays xfit and from all the push ups today. Ugh!!!

    Mods: 4# ball (NEED a heavier ball!!!), girly pu (as Jenni says, cause I'm a girl!), mod sit-ups b/c of diastasis (modified or not, I felt every one!).

  7. 16:25 my arms were still soar from Friday. Killer. 15 Pd ball and push ups off the wall.

  8. 9:41
    I did squats (didn't think of thrusters) instead of wall ball so I think that made my time really fast. Sweating buckets though.

  9. Jumping jacks instead of wall balls, didn't even think of thrusters. Ball is half way made.

    Everything else as RX'd.

  10. 13:00! I did everything unmodified except for the last set of sit ups. I am simply awful at sit ups, but I will look back at this workout and be able to do those sit ups in my sleep one day soon! 🙂

  11. 23:43 – girl pu's
    Still fatigued from Friday, but did every last one, with some varying abs on the last 2 sets.

  12. New bie…
    husband 9:08
    me 21:38

    girl pu for me, boy for him
    squats for me, jumping jacks for him instead of wall ball

  13. 18:10

    did DB thrusters instead of wall balls with 16 lbs instead of 10. i absolutely can not do sit ups so i alternated between doing regular crunches and reverse crunches. and then girl PU. great work out!

  14. 10:26

    Took 4 days off to heal a wrenched back. It felt AMAZING to get back into it and give it all I've got!

  15. 12:30
    Did 1 set if boy push ups but then went to girls
    Did Fridays WOD last night so I'm sore today!

  16. 12:47 struggling a little today. Didn't think I'd finish but powered through.

  17. 11:21…girl PUs and thrusters since I have no ball yet!

    1. I used a basketball for my entire first year. Still got the movement, squats, etc.

  18. 17:00

    sub. trusters w/ 5lb. hand weights
    girl PU
    sub. crunches (can't do sit ups with tailbone injury)

  19. 9:30, mods, full purse instead of wall ball, boy pu, all in an isolated corner of the airport while waiting for my flight!

    1. Now that is dedication! How sweaty were you for your flight? I get so drenched and red faced!

    2. Just mildly, luckily it dried and didn't stink. Traveling 14 hours with a 7 hour layover, had to get it done. Thanks Jenni

  20. 11:35-girl pushups and 20lb thrusters instead of wallballs! I'm toast!

  21. 14:44. Started with 10lb db's, and then realized I had to do 4 sets so went to 5's. Did boy pu's until 22 of first set.

    Doing the Burpees Revenge WOD yesterday made this sucker TOUGH! Loved it though!

  22. First timer here. 20:.41 O_o Kids kept "needing" things which didn't make it any easier.

    Thrusters with 3lb weights (all I have on hand) and girl pushups. Now I feel icky icky but haven't found any motivation to move yet. 😉

  23. 11:38

    Just had a baby six weeks ago and this was my first workout in a long time!

    Made it a family event, doing it with hubby and catching each other's wall balls (so we each did 30 per time).

    Liz Bday 12-24
    Kevin Bday 11-26

  24. 14:07 for 3 sets, read it, but didn't write it down like usual… Oops! Push ups were really hard today, even in girl form!

  25. 15:39
    Today was not so hot…
    all as rx'd except for PUs. I did 2 rounds girls PUs, then 2 rounds using my kitchen counter.

  26. I was interrupted by a waking baby at 3 1/3 of the way through. It was 15:39 for that part and then was 2:02 for the remainder of the pushups/situps. Girl PU and sets 1-2 were with 15lb thrusters and 3-4 were with 10lb.

  27. 32:15 – 10lb wall balls, girl p/u. I fought through this one without any mods, but I may need to make some adjustments for sit ups and push ups until I am stronger.

  28. 17:23. Boy pus for 2 rounds, girl pu's the lZttwo. Andcrun hes for the lazt round of sit ups

  29. 17:32 so slow at sit ups! (And posting-did this yesterday) mostly girl push ups, 10lb hand weight thrusters.

  30. 14:30
    Did 10 boy push-ups each set, for 40 boy push-ups. The rest were girl. My sit-ups were on a decline bench.
    Awesome workout, my boyfriend did this one with me, he was hurting afterwards….and I went faster than him. 🙂

    1. Nice! I always try to beat my husband…..it never works. 😉

  31. My time was really slow! : ( 19:01.

    Not sure why I was so slow. Probably sit ups! Did thrusters with 2 x 10lb dumbbells instead of wallball. Oh well!

  32. 14.21, extra ROUGH after a couple of days sick.

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