Thursday 09.13.12

10 push-ups
15 deadlifts, 40 lbs
25 box jumps, 18″ box
50 sit-ups
100 wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
200 jump jacks or rope
400 meter run

Compare to 09.13.11


  1. 16:05
    30 lb dead lift
    15 lb med ball
    Jump squats. No box yet for jumps.

  2. 11:01
    30lb deadlifts ( I don't have 20lb dumb bells)
    Box jumps on 2 stairs in my house

  3. 12:18 Woop! (includes time running from in my apt, down 3 flights to go outside to do ropes and 400m).

    30# DL, 4# wall ball (GOTTA go get a real ball to do these…), 12" box (1" higher than I've been doing, but I need to get a box or a step!)
    Run was a bit more than 400m, down then up hill.

    I loved this one!!

  4. 20:16
    Half boy/half girl pu
    30# deadlift
    Step ups
    Legs almost too tired to run

  5. Hey! I just found your site and it is exactly what I've been looking for: exercise at home (without a cheesy video), short but intense, and only competing against myself, thank you!!! I'm like you, 30s, 4 kids, at a good weight but definitely needed some toning and wanting to feel more fit. I'm so excited to start!

    This was my first workout:
    13:47ish but no wall ball and no 400 run (I was going to substitute with more jacks but 200 killed me), oh and the push ups were with knees to the ground and deadlift was with 45 bar.

  6. 10:46!!! Oh my! I completed all the exercises without a single hitch, but when I got to the 400m dash! I am probably the worst long distance runner! I can run 100m and start foaming at the mouth…completely pathetic 🙂

  7. 18:00 it probably was more but I'm not for sure since while I was doing my sit ups my 2 year old stopped my stop watch.

  8. 19:30
    Girl PU
    12# wall balls
    Jump squats…no box or steps

    Totally winded.

  9. 12:07
    55# deadlifts
    This time is without the run, I wanted to do a long run so sloped the sprint and did a 10km, at an easy pace, especially considering the amount of squats I've done in the past 3 days! 🙂 love it!

  10. 16:35. Felt pretty good. I think I'm getting stronger. Yay!!

  11. 9:56. Boy PU, 12 lbs KB instead of wall ball. Awesome workout. Thought I would rest today because I am sore, but so glad I did the WOD! Thanks Jenni!

  12. Thanks for the bday love. Couldn't NOT do the workout after that!;)


  13. 13:17, boy PU, subbed DB thrusters for balls (10# DBs), ropes

  14. This is my first time doing anything related to CrossFit, but it will not be my last!!

    11:16, with Jump Squats instead of box jumps and Dumbbell Thrusters instead of wall ball shots. I felt really nauseous during the last 20 jumping jacks, but I hadn't eaten yet so I'm thinking that's probably why…? Thanks for this!!

  15. 13:25
    60 lb deadlift

    Trying to figure out how a heavier deadlift made me 3 minutes slower than last time and 4 minutes slower than Britta!!!

  16. as far as the thrusters are concerned are we actually supposed to do the same amount of thrusters as compared to wall balls? That seems a lot but I may be wrong.

  17. loved this!!!
    gurly push ups
    40lb deadlift
    Thrusters for wall ball – made myself a wall but the glue isn't dry yet =)
    jump rope anyone else have to stop 1/2 way through to pee during those?? yikes! the joys of motherhood
    800 m bike

    1. Ha ha! I have learned to pee my little heart out before I start any WOD!! 😉

  18. okay 14:59 45# lift, girl pu, jumps only ab 12" and glad for it since this was my first time and MAN was that tough! Thrusters instead too. Everything else rx'd. Then through around some baseball.

  19. HOLY MOLY! First WOD and omg Im a sweaty mess!


    only 20 lbs on the deadlifts (not enough, will increase next time)

    Dont have a thing to jump on so used my step.

  20. 15:31

    Everything as rx'd, but my deadlift was only 38#. Sit-ups were on a decline for a little extra. I don't have a 10# ball, but I tossed a 10# dumbell up in the air.

    Great work-out.

  21. 10:57 with mods of jump rope without rope, 2 steps for box jump, 10# thrusters instead of wall ball with a pause in the middle for a phone call with my hubby

  22. 13:54
    Still waiting to get some heavier weights. Boy push ups, 13 lb dead lifts, 12" box and, a soccer ball fir wall balls. 2:30 on the run, though, pretty good!

  23. First time here…dumb question…do you do each excercise completely, even if you have to rest to be able to finish it? In other words, can you get in 200 jumping jacks in increments, between other exercises?

    1. I would say, try to get the WOD done as prescribed if you can. If you get to an exercise and need a break and can get a few reps of the next exercise done while you recover, go for it and then come back to finish the set. Does that make sense?

  24. I worried about leaving a comment but decided to check out the other comments first! I'm glad I did.

    Push ups on my knees, 30lbs deadlift, 3 lb wall ball (my shoulders are crap!), all the jumping jacks and running!

    Thank you! Now to run out and get the groceries before I pick up the kids from school!

    My bday is Oct. 9, btw! 😉

  25. 14:15. 20lb db's on deadlift, thrusters instead of wall ball, jump rope.

    I did this workout in the driveway while my 3-year old and 1-year old were playing in the driveway as well. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! Jenni, you ROCK! 🙂

  26. Why can't I remember to post??? 12:43 done on Friday.

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