Wednesday 09.12.12

For time:
100 Thrusters, 20 lbs

 Remembering all the firefighters,
and victims in both towers
 and the pentagon
 that lost their lives on
 May God bless their families.


  1. I am quite sure I will not be the fastest today…


    Had my LO (2yo) scrambling around my legs and wanting to try these with my handweight so I got interrupted a couple times. But it was nice having him get interested in a WOD! 🙂

    Mods: Started w/20# handweight for first 20 but it was too awkward to hold for overhead (and I dont' have another handweight to divide/balance weight) so I moved to my 15# bar. Did 10 extra at the end to make up for the 5# difference (eh, probably not, but I feel good!)

  2. This is the first one I thought I might not finish but I did. Great way to start the day. 10:44 as prescribed.

  3. 3:59 w/10#'s. I didn't think I could do them all because my hams are so sore from Monday and Tuesday workouts but I did! Tomorrow could be questionable for me. 😉

  4. Harder than I thought but I'm proud of my time..,
    10# DB
    Arms are shaking now. 🙂

  5. 3:51
    Didn't think it was possible to breathe this hard and break a sweat without moving my feet!

  6. 5:09
    Good motivation. I am so grateful for those who have fought ad those who continue to fight to defend our freedoms. I am so blessed!

  7. 3:52.9 as rx'd.
    Huffing, puffing, shaking, & feeling great! Phew!

  8. Finished in 7:20 with a 25# bar. Good one!

  9. New here. When you list 20lbs as the weight are you saying 20lb dumbells or 20lbs all together?

  10. 8:12 2x10lb dumbells

    First timer. Oh boy much harder than it sounds.

  11. Today was my very first Cross fit workout and I absolutely loved it! My time was 5:15! 🙂 I used 25 lbs.

    btw my bday is September 26! 🙂

  12. Around 3 minutes. I realized I forgot to set the timer after I was nearly a quarter of the way through!

  13. 5.33 as rx'd.

    Second week of doing cross fit. First time leaving comment. Love the work outs! Thank you!

    Sept 9th.

  14. 4:27 so excited!!!!! May do an ab workout in honor of all who gave their lives!!!!

  15. 5:10
    as rx'd
    I never knew standing in one spot could take my breath away! Sheesh! Love it!

  16. 2:52 but did most of them with 10# since the only bar I had was 45# but I did 20 reps with the 45#

  17. 6 m 13 sec
    20 lbs

    I'm dying!!

    Arms and legs still hurt from this weeks work outs!!

  18. Wow! Some of you have some wicked quick times! How on earth did you push out 100 thrusters in 3 minutes? Mind boggling. I have been doing Crossfit for a year and still haven't reached that point of ability.

  19. I am a day behind thi week. 100 x 13 lbs (i have 3 kg dumbbells, which are 6.6 lbs each)

    Amazing how tired i am, also gow heavy they were by the end, even thiugh they were lighter that rx'f!

    Bday 10-28

  20. 4:44, it felt like there were rocks in my legs when this one was done. Ouch, but awesome.

  21. 7:33; 24#

    that was brutal…

    my birthday is january 25th

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