1. 20lbs for dumbells, and got my 400 under 3:00 (which is a big deal for me!) must be the birthday adrenaline! Great workout!

  2. whoops – read it wrong!

    400m run
    21 kb (20lb)
    21 push ups (all boy)


    birthday 10/16

  3. 14:49… Doesn't sound good, but I did the rumba on an old manual treadmill, it was awful! I just guessed the distance, sooo confusing!
    Did half gpu and half bpu… Kb's as rx'd

    1. I was really hoping you had done the rumba! 😉

  4. 12:38. Gpu 15lbs. After a run – not ideal but was the only time slot for both today.

  5. Completed in 12:58, 30# dumbell (should have gone heavier but don't have the resources yet), 1 round real push ups, the other 2 were scaled. It has been since end of June that I have done any sort of Crossfit workout! I had to cancel my box membership (such a sad, sad day) because we are moving. I am SO out of shape (amazing what only 2 months does to you)! Man that was hard.

  6. 10:30
    Pushing 45 lbs in double jogger.

    Was in the 8 minute range last time with no jogger!

  7. 10:04
    20 lb. kettlebell
    regular pushups

    Feeling great!

  8. 10:15

    Finished even though I'm not feelin 100% today.

  9. 9:25
    16 lb. dumbell
    boy pu
    This site is a lifesaver. Thank you.
    Birthdate 7/16

  10. 11:35. All girl ups. Boy am I sore from yesterday. And 20 lb kb

  11. looks like everyone whooped my tail…I walked most of my last 400 meter cause this is my third workout day and coming from an asthmatic…so the aerobics not so great lol but did 20# swings and girl pu at 20:01. Oh well, gotta start somewhere right?

  12. 10:14 – Pretty happy with that.

    Did inclined push ups (not sure if they are harder than "girls" or not…but they kinda felt harder…)

    Fastest 400m was 1:58 🙂

  13. 12 m 53 sec
    Girl pushups
    10 lbs weight ball

  14. 14:37. Still sore from yesterday! Girl push ups. My birthday is march 9th!

  15. 14.10 min
    Ran 2 min for each round since I don't have a treadmill or way to judge distance
    15# kettle bell
    12 gpu

    1. If you have a smart phone, you can get a running ap to track your distance. If not, one of the Mamas told me that you can go to Google maps and see your neighborhood. You can use your house as a starting point and then click on another point on your street and it will give you the distance! 🙂

  16. 14:51
    Girl push ups.

    Not sure of the 400m distance. Good workout though.

  17. Had to break it up, don't yet have.a good strategy for running and switching to weights( i live in an apt bldg- no gym access). Did the 3 runs with a minute rest, then did the keytle bells with a 13 lb wight and oush ups- 1 set boy, 2 sets girl.

    Total time 10;15

    1. Sarah- if I were you, in an apartment building, I would find a spot to set my weights, like the base of a stair well or curb and them measure out a 400 meter loop or 200 there, 200 back to do your rounds. 🙂

  18. I've been a lurker for a few weeks and just got the courage to post my time today 🙂
    17:20 for the whole deal–took a few breaks for water, but was able to do all 12 pushups each round straight.

  19. 20 mins 20 secs – but upped the running to 3 x 1k rather than 400s. 1k intervals 5 mins 40

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