Thursday 09.06.12


7 rounds for time of:
7 push-ups
7 thrusters (20lbs)
7 burpees
7 kettle bell swings (15lbs)
7 leg lifts

Compare to 09.06.11


  1. Getting things organized for my birthday tomorrow, but still got the time to do this while the kids are taking a nap 🙂


    Swinged a 35 pound kettlebell, and used about 17 pounds for thrusters, but got to swap some push-ups to sissy-girlyones…

  2. Only 7 rounds? Why not 70? 😉 This one was deceiving in its difficulty for me – very good challenge.

    Time probably is not good, but: 16:30
    The burpees absolutely kill me. They take me

    Mods: 15# thrusters (up'd it! Yay!)
    Used 10# for kettlebells

    Fastest round: 1:36 (last set – yeehaw!)
    Slowest: 2:58 (set 5…mental push needed!)

    Thanks Jenni!

  3. Ugh! Day two and i am wiped! Does this get easier??!!

    16:57- not great but i fid it!!

    1. Oops, forgot to mention that i only have 3kg (6.6 lb) hand weights right now. I used both for the thrusters and a single for the kettle bells.

  4. 12:23 15#kb, girl PU
    Way to go 'other' Sarah! I'm about a month in. It doesn't get easier but you get stronger!!!

  5. 12:41, girl push-ups, 20# thrusters, 35# KB.

    Deceptively hard!

  6. 16:17 still nursing a sore tailbone, modified burpees. Transitions are slow.

  7. 14:17. Had to downgraade to girl pushups round 2-7.

    First time doing this, and I feel extremely invigorated/exhausted!!

    Bday is 9/13.
    Katie O

  8. Well, Jenni, decided to go ahead and start this today, not wait until next week. So, this was my very first WOD. I've been lifting weights for almost a year, but not doing a ton of cardio. Still, I expected this to be pretty doable. Well, it was doable, but took me forever!! 36:12. I did do boy pushups for all pushups and burpees (except for one round where I did girl.) And did 30# thrusts for 1-5, then dropped to 10# for 6-7. I'll stick with a lower weight until I get used to this! Also used 15# for swings 1-5, 10# for 6-7. Hope no one is laughing at my time. Hey, I wanted to quit after only 4 rounds, so to actually get through all 7 was a miracle.

    Turning 33 on 9/24.

  9. I ended up doing 8 rounds in my sleep deprived state!!! 12:52, 20# thrusters, boy PU, rest as Rxd. Feeling like I should've upped the swings to 20lbs as well.

  10. First cross fit workout – WOW!! 5 rounds at around 16:30 – the kids stopped the timer once… It was harder than I thought….definitely need to work on burpees…
    I finished the last two rounds after clearing the room – hard to focus with 5 boys watching!

    Sarah – DOB 4/17

  11. 14:28
    20lb Thrusters
    15lb dumbbell (no kettle bell)

    I am dripping 🙂

  12. Second day of the WOd and it took me 15 min give or take a few seconds! I love this and it was hard! I'm a distance runner yet I'm totally beat right now! YAY! Hope to see improvements!

  13. 11:43
    20 lb thrusters
    15 lb kettlebell swings (with a dumbbell)

    1. Compare:
      09-2011= 12:14
      05-2011= 18:33
      Both with less weights. 🙂

  14. 23:03 all girl push ups, 18lb thrusters and 15.5 kettle-bell. I actually used an adjustable dumbbell for the kettle bell but the weight plate had a cut out so I could grip it and swing it just like a kettle bell so it worked out great. Man those burpees are the hardest!

  15. 15:00

    This is my second workout and I am in LOVE!! I am really learning to break through those mental barriers!!

    DOB: August 26

  16. 12:20

    last 2 rounds were girl pu's
    5 lb x2 dumbbell thrusters (total 10 lb)
    mistakenly left out the pu part of the burpee (oops!)
    10 lb dumbbell instead of kettle bell

    ran a quick mile run after

    quick workout and feel great!

  17. 14:13.
    On thrusters, first two rounds were with 20lb db's. Next three rounds with 15lb-er's. Last two were with 10lb-er's. With swings, 15lb-er's whole time. Rest as RX'ed.

    Thanks Jenni!!!! I so look forward to these workouts!!!!

  18. This was my first time doing a Crossfit workout. It was hardly graceful, but I finished in 23:19. I'm so happy to see Crossfit workouts designed with women in mind using inexpensive equipment.

  19. Great work out took me 25 min! Burbees are my kryptonite! Bring on Tuesday's workout it's my birthday 9/11!! Gotta burn off that cake! Jordan

  20. 12:12
    Girl push ups but did boy push ups in the Burpees! First time doing Burpees without modifying them. Whoohoo!

  21. Second day of WOD, 11:30ish, boy PU and in burpees, 20# thrusters, 15# dumbell swing. Drenched in sweat! Thanks!

  22. 12:54 so proud of myself I did all "boy" push-ups

  23. First day and I completed it in 21.45. I look forward to improving daily. Thank you for these workouts.

  24. Alright this is my first time doing this. I can NOT tell you how excited I was to find this site! I've been out of working out for a while bc last February on my third week doing p90x all of a sudden I couldn't breath. apparently I became an asthmatic. Anyhow it's taken me this long to get my asthma under control and I was DETERMINED to get back in shape (cause after all that I gained 30 lbs I worked so hard to lose)..ANYHOW. I'm Tabitha my bday is 04/18/88 and this was my first WOD. I finished in 15:30 thrusting 45 lbs and swinging 25. Around rep 3 and a half or four I almost gave up but then I prayed and remembered I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!! and I finished out. It took A LOT…kicked my tail..but I LOVE IT! Ugh! What am amazing feeling!!!! Thanks so much!

  25. oh and started with boy puch ups but ended with girl and started with normal burpees ended with my own version of modified burpees not sure what the "technical" modified is but I stepped out instead of jumping out and jumped in like normal.

  26. 19:09, Did 10 reps in the first round, 7 in the rest, girl pu's and 30# for the kb swings. I feel like I'm soo slow, but hey, it can only get better! 🙂 This is a great site!

  27. Thank you so much! I have been looking for something like this for a long time-its quick, different everyday, and really works your total body!! I will be following you from now on!! Found you on pinterest-thank you pinterest!!

  28. 24:57
    I feel sooooo slow.
    30# thrusters
    Girl P/U
    As rxed for rest

  29. This was the second day for me, and it was awesome, but kicked my butt. I don't have all the right equipment so I had to improvise.


    10 lb dumbells for thrusters
    girl pushups
    One 10 lb dumbell for kettlebells.

    Thanks so much!

  30. My first crossfit workout at home, with my 3 year old. I did squats instead of thrusters since I don't have the equipment at home. I also did 10# kettle.
    Time 14:40.

    1. All you need for thrusters are 10 lb dumbbells which you can get at Target for around $12. Until then, you can use soup cans, a broom stick, etc.

  31. 35 lb KB for thrusters and swings
    Boy pushups

    Sorry I'm a day behind:)

  32. 12:20
    30# thrusters (Did 35# for first 2 rounds)
    15 # dumbbell swings (17.5 for first 2 rounds)

    I'm super sweaty! Bday is 3/4!

  33. I am new to crossfit. This completed my first full week. I am a runner! Ran a couple miles of hills for a warm up and then my time was 30 mins. I did bump all sets up to 10. This is tough!

  34. This was much harder than it looked! I did this one after my Monday WOD and it took me 21 min 54 sec. My legs were shaking still even an hour later haha it was great.

  35. i did this one today 9/12/12 because I don't have my bar yet. 22:13.

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