Wednesday 09.05.12

10 rounds for time of:
5 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball
3 Push-ups
5 Power cleans, 20 lbs

*the original WOD had 30 rounds!! I was like, no thanks on that one. 😉
*if any of you would rather do the original, here you go:
30 rounds for time of:
5 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
3 Handstand push-ups
225 pound Power clean, 1 rep


  1. 9:45
    Squats since I don't have a ball or a wall to do it on
    Girl push ups

  2. 10:35
    10# KB
    35# clean
    5 boy PU 5 girl PU
    Kicked my butt!

  3. Been doing your workouts for a few weeks, but never commented bc my times suck compared to everyone else! But today I rocked it! Used 12lb med ball, boy push ups and a 45lb power clean bar. 10 rounds = 9:26!

    Bday is 3-22

  4. 7 rounds 8:11 with 10lb handweights and girl pushups. only 2nd time doing crossfit.

  5. I love this blog! I've been doing your workouts for a while, jut never posted before.
    8:49 DOB 9/18

  6. I was kinda stoked about my time until I saw all yours!

    Did 10 wall balls cause only had 5#
    15# lifts.

    Regardless of my slowness 😉 it was a great workout!

  7. 8:04…subbed 20# DB thrusters for wall balls, all boy PU.

  8. 7:50…tossed a bar in the air instead of wall ball shots since I don't have a medicine ball

  9. forgot to start my timer but I know you all killed my time. UGH!! did cleans with 10# ball, no bar yet.

  10. 8.30, all boy pushups, 16 lb power cleans. Need something heavier!

  11. Hi, I'm getting bored doing my cardio routine and wanted to vary things up a bit and stumbled on this site. I've done a few crossfit workouts before, but have never gotten into it because it seems to require a gym. I am home all day with 4 kids. Is there a section on this blog that has at home alternatives to do some of the gym stuff?

    1. Hi Erin!
      This blog was created so that women could Crossfit at home. We are all doing these workouts from home. On the right sidebar of the full site is a listed of suggested equipment. And you will never get bored. 🙂

  12. My first crossfit WOD in a long time!! Love this site!!
    8:08. 20lb wall ball, 18lb bar
    Birthday 08-14-1973

  13. Thanks @Jenni. I saw that before. I think I'm confused on how to do any of the dead lifts and power cleans and those type of exercises. Do you use the hand weights for all of that? I remember watching videos (ages ago) of it all being with a bar.

    1. Yes, all of the power lifts are meant to be done with a bar. We are using such low weights that it is do-able to use the same movements and form for the same results with dumbbells. Once you get into heavier weights it becomes more difficult to keep proper form without the bar.

  14. @Jenni Thank you! I'll start off low then or sub the power lifts for the time being. Do you have a Facebook page or forum for questions/answers/tips and stuff?

    1. Yes. I just started a Facebook page so there isn't much yet but it is there. 🙂

  15. 8:26 I finally got around to doing the workout at 10pm! It felt great! I used two 5lb weights together and did the wall ball motion with them since I didn't have a ball. Kind of like a squat and thrust I guess? And used 18lbs for the power clean.. Did girl push ups too. I think I need heavier weights for the cleans, they were very easy.

  16. This is my very first time to try out crossfit. I'm so excited. I did my workout this morning, and on paper it looked easy, but it kicked my butt. Awesome blog, thanks so much.

    Time 9:23
    Used a basketball
    Boy push-ups
    10 lb dumbells

    DOB 10/04

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