1. 14:48

    What a great first week. Here's to many many more weeks and getting much stronger and much slimmer. 🙂 Thanks for the great workouts!!
    Forgot DOB 7/22

  2. 17:13 first time doing anything like this. Fun and challenging. Thanks for the great workout.
    DOB 4/2

  3. 11:24…girl pushups and did 40jump ropes instead of jacks!

  4. Love it!! 12:15 after an 11 mile bike ride…I'm done!

  5. Great way to end the week!
    never left my bday either 7/19

  6. 20:10. Jenni is that a pic of you on the top of the main page? That pic is my inspiration!

    1. It's not Jenni but she pretty much looks like that. Only longer legs 🙂

    2. Lol. That picture is my inspiration too. But when my 2 year old sees it, he points and says "Mommy!" Someday I will have those abs. Probably have to give up my sugar addiction first. 😉

  7. 19:30 First day!! Almost killed me but I would've died a happy woman!Thanks for the WOD! Can't wait to beat my time!!


  8. Hi first timer!! Thanks for providing this! My name is
    Beth and I am about 70lbs out of shape and my birthday is Jan. 10th.

    Did all girl pushups (and ten less) for a time of 17:33

  9. First time here. This exit ups are my cryptonite. 22 minutes.

  10. 9:58
    With super strict squats (all the way down)- did it for the booty.

    Compared to 11:09 in October.

    1. Holy cow! My first time doing this WOD over a year ago (May 2011) when I was 2 months into Crossfit, my time was 23 minutes!!! Good job Mamas!!

  11. Hi, this is my first time. I did it in 17:58. I did a mix of girl push ups and using the back of my couch, kind of like a modified wall push up i think.. And since my knee has been bothering me I had to slow down on the squats quite a bit. Anyways this is great! My sister Beth S. did her first time today too! My birthday is May 10th.
    I got done and then couldn't remember if I had done 2 or 3 rounds I'm gonna have to keep a tally while i do it to keep track I guess! Excited to keep doing this and getting in shape. Sorry this is so long. 🙂

  12. this is my first day doing anything since the birth of my daughter in December. I am so out of shape. Here is what I did

    round 1 situps= full sit ups but only did 35
    round 2&3 sit ups did crunches
    All 3 rounds did knee PU's

    I AM DEAD!


  13. 7:45, but I did bicycles instead of sit-ups (phys therapist has told me to never do sit-ups due to back injury) and I did bodyweight squats. Is that right? Or were we supposed to have added weight?

    BEST WORKOUT IN A LONG TIME! My whole body thanks you, Jenni!!!

  14. Those before and after times are so amazing!! It's what keeps me coming back!!!

    14 minutes-ish. Stopped watch on mistake at 10 minutes and didn't realize! So I'm guessing a bit.

    Did mod sit ups b/c of stomach diastasis. Everything else was as Rxd!! Not sure if my squats were super low, but my butt felt it a LOT!!

    PS – I love the name "Snubbin' the chub!" LOL!!!

  15. 14:23 Late for work so didn't comment yesterday.Full sit ups are tough… Can't wait to improve that time!!! DOB 10/1

  16. 14:49 crunches and supported squats due to sore behind
    🙂 First week of cross fit and I'm feelin' it!

  17. Jenni do u have before and after pics? If so I'd love to see them. I just had my 4th baby and need all the help I can get. Loving the workouts so far!

  18. I just came across this blog last week and i love it! i have a good friend in Cali who is a CrossFit trainer and I've always been interested in it. anyhow, these work outs are something i can do at home along with running, which is great because i don't have a gym membership. i did the one this morning but didn't time it…all i can say is WOW, it was hard, my muscles are maxed out, especially from the push ups. Awesome site!

  19. 4:43 one round before the toddler demanded my attention. Hopefully I'll come back later and finish.

  20. 15:33. First time attempting a Crossfit circuit! Loved it!! Half boy, half girl PU. Half crunches half sit ups. DOB 4/25/84.

  21. First time doing a Crossfit circuit! I've been doing p90x2 but after a wrist injury in my last workout I was looking for a workout without a lot of pressure on my wrist and found this. I loved it! I had to do girl push-ups due to my wrist but my time was 11:11.0 exactly.

  22. I just found this today. I so need something like this. I will begin tomorrow! Too bad that my birthday is the date of this post…(8/31)

  23. 9:59. Modification two sets of girl pushups and crunches rather than sit ups due to previous injury. First time here. Speed is key. My boys demand attention :-). DOB 11/28

  24. Just found your site and am so excited. I had already run this morning so did this wod rather than today's posted wod. Took about 11 minutes. Will download a stop watch on my phone to use from now on. Did do crunches and girlpush ups. DOB 4/13

  25. 16:34 with lots of little one interruptions 🙂 but i made it

  26. I did this WOD on Sept 10/12 because I didn't have the equipment for that day's WOD.
    15:14 with girl push ups

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