Tuesday 08.28.12

4 rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
25  Dumbbell squat cleans, 10 lb dumbbells

 Merinda Parazoo


  1. About 6:30 but without weights. Wanted to run the trail and not carry weights with me the whole time.

  2. 8:56. Impatient girls this morning so i combined the run pushing the girls in the jogger came home and did the squat cleans.

  3. 12:07
    Thought this was going to be easy….those cleans killed me after yesterday's WOD! Felt my age this morning.

  4. 17:11
    My first workout in a week. Ugh! A few days of crap food really slowed me down. (Hubby's bday weekend=too much cake/carbs/booze) Our diet pretty much follows the Primal Blueprint. It really makes a difference in my performance if I eat really clean.

  5. Did yesterdays WOD first and then tried to piggyback this one – fail. Too much with legs in one day for me.

    Got through 1 round: 4:30

    Will try this one on Saturday again…blarg. 😉

  6. 12:50 subbed jump rope and step ups for run
    8# weights. 10 are tearing my hands up. don't think i could have done 10. ouch! my quads are on fire and feel like jelly at the same time

  7. 10:34
    220 runs (indoor track doesn't break @ 200)
    Squat cleans as rx'd

    Totally underestimated this wod. Much harder than planned for.

  8. Whoops, did 4×400 instead of 4×200. Squats killed me. 14:55

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