1. 16:09 as Rx'd. Great WOD for the end of the week! Have a great weekend everyone!! 🙂

  2. 12:32 Yes, I agree–good workout!!!!
    30lb, everything else as RX'd.

  3. 13:30
    50 lb deadlift
    When ultra slow on my deadlifts Ro protect my back since I increased my normal DL weight.

    105 lb deadlift

  4. 12:51 11 rounds – apparently my 9 yr old has trouble counting =)

  5. 9:56 as rx'd
    compared to 11:30 on 10.24.11 (and that was at 30lbs)

    1. I use dumbbells because I don't have a bar yet.

  6. 19:48 — feeling slow and lethargic today, but made it through!!

  7. 12:34.4
    20#, couldn't find our bigger weight, need to by a bar.
    I've been refinishing furniture all week outside in the Texas heat, and was wiped on Friday so finally got it done on Sunday. Great workout!

  8. 14:43 after 30 min cardio and 100 pushups. First cross fit workout. Thanks!

  9. 16:27, I added a 30 second plank to each round and used a backpack full of books for the deadlifts, probably more like 25-30 lbs.

  10. I'm a little late in the game, but 12:30 (I think I might have done 11 rounds…oops!)

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