1. 6:06 30lbs deadlifts

    I missed yesterday's workout so I did yesterday workout then todays. For someone who wasn't in the mood to workout I got one pretty awesome heart pounding sweaty workout. 😉 Thanks

  2. 7:51.4 as RX'ed after previous day workout that I missed.
    for the record…I. H.A.T.E. burpees.

  3. I just realized it said 5 deadlifts…I did 10 each round

  4. 5:18
    As RXed.
    I wanna be like Dee and Vanessa when I grow up. 😉

  5. 8:02 – first time doing real burpees (not on my knees)!

  6. 8:05

    20lb deadlift…need more weights.

  7. 5:49
    30 lb – need more weights
    I need to stop underestimating the workouts when I first see them. Yikes!


    3:12 with 50# deadlifts

    I did this after my own little quick and dirty workout:

    20 minutes, AMRAP:
    2 pull ups, 2 pistols, 2 pistols.
    I managed 23 rounds. 🙂

    So, I've heard discussion about pull ups and getting bulky… I have nice arms/shoulders, but I don't consider them too bulky at all. My progress pics are on my blog.

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