Wednesday 08.22.12

5 rounds for time of:
Overhead walking lunges, 25 feet, 10 lb dumbbells
15 Knees to elbows

Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.

” HIIT training has prepared me for life! My children will be WOD masters and are already working functional movements at ages 4 and 7.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there….I haven't gotten a pull up bar yet….can you recommend an alternative to knees to elbows? Thank you! Erin E. from BC

  2. Erin, I don't have a bar yet either. Just did some searching…. some posts on the Crossfit boards say reverse crunches or v sit ups

  3. oops didn't see Jenni's comment before I posted =)

  4. 4:34 leg lifts. my knee definitely kiss the ground either…went as far down as I could without knee pain

  5. Is anyone else very sore on back of shoulders today? Guess the box dips got me more than I thought yesterday.

  6. So 10lbs in each hand, or just one hand with a 10lb dumbbell? Youtube demos have me confused…

    1. 20 lbs total. Make sure when you YouTube, you include Crossfit in your search.

  7. 7:11 as rx'd. Struggled on KTE. Thanks for the clarification earlier. 🙂

  8. 8:30 as RXed
    Doing 75 KTE that close together is rough. Blisters.

  9. 6:31 as Rxed
    The KTE were not the best but I'm trying. First attempt at them and I know they will get better!!

  10. 6:05…I lay on the ground and do the knees to elbows there since I don't have a pullup bar. Same motion, just making sure your back is pressed into the ground to protect your spine!

  11. I did this with my12 yo daughter… we did 6 sets before we both had blisters on our hands and decided to play volley ball instead. great workout 17minutes for the 6 rounds…
    will chalk help from getting blisters? We use the park monkey bars for our knees to elbows.

  12. HAHA we did MORE than we were supposed to!! I thought is was 25 knees to elbows and 10 rounds LOL woops..high five all around 🙂

  13. I can honestly say that I hated every second of this.
    Having said that, I am proud that I stuck with it.


    First round – 15# bar. My upper inner thighs (groin?) are KILLING me – I think I stretched them out too much after yesterdays WOD. I ended up getting rid of weight so I could do the lunges…otherwise I could not have done them.

    My K2E are getting so much better – not there yet, but I'm half way up and I can do about 6 or 7 before I need a break! 🙂 That's improvement!!!

  14. My 1st time participating in these workouts! 7:35 laid on floor for KTE.

  15. 9:36
    didn't know 25 yards so did 25 lunges
    15 sit-ups and 15 leg lifts in place of KTE

  16. 8:14
    I really struggled with the KTE. That was my first time. It was more like knees almost to chest. Ended doing leg lifts for the last two rounds. Next time I will wear gloves on the pull up bar. My hands bein ripped to shreds was the deal breaker.

  17. 7.33
    10lbs and reverse crunches

  18. 7:51~I used 15 lbs dumbbells (30 total), KTE

  19. 5:39.2 with leg lifts.
    Did it a day late, followed with Thursdays workout.

  20. 8:46…this was my very first Crossfit workout! 🙂 I didn't have 10's, so had to use 8's. Also, did reverse crunches because I don't have a pullup bar.

  21. My very first crossfit workout and loved it!! My time was 15 min. Not to shabby for being 9 weeks postpartum on my 4th baby.

  22. My very first crossfit workout and loved it!! My time was 15 min. Not to shabby for being 9 weeks postpartum on my 4th baby.

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