Monday 08.20.12


50-35-20 reps of:
Wall balls
Jump rope (or jacks but rope is better)

Happy Birthday Kristin!


  1. Kristen V says:

    First time beginner here.. can you explain the 50-35-20?

    1. Vanessa is correct. All exercises 50, then 35, then 20.

  2. Kristen, do all three exercises 50 reps then start over and do all three for 35 reps finish with a round of 20.

  3. Thanks for explaining the 50-35-20 I would have done 50 WB 35 PU and 20 JR and been done =) Somehow I missed that previously

  4. I did 4:32, 10 year old son did 3:12

  5. 6:01 used a 25 and 20# weight for wall balls (not actually throwing it of course) Bday June 29th

    1. Hi Jo! Welcome! You can sub thrusters (probably what you are basically doing) or you can use a basketball, etc. until you can buy a weight ball.

  6. missed the push ups…guess I'll go back and do 3 rounds of those

  7. adding 2:30 for all rounds of pushups…so 8:31 total though split….I'm learning

  8. Whoops, we did it wrong… Guess we have some more reps

  9. New times are 12:32 (me) and 7:32 (Jaden , age 10)

  10. 10:02
    10 lb med. ball
    Pushups on toes (a real struggle but I'm stubborn and also knee pushups hurt my knees)

  11. Also, someone posted earlier about what size weighted ball to buy. I use the ones at our gym… but if I were buying one I'd get a 10 or 12 lb. Just my opinion though.

    1. I agree Vanessa. I picked up a nice 10 lb weight ball at Target for under $20.

  12. 6:42.
    Used a 10 lb dumbbell for the wall ball and did girl push ups. I did notice today though that I can do more push ups in a row. Hooray I'm getting stronger!

  13. Had to re-do it because I didn't understand at first. Now my time is 6:39. And shaking!!! 🙂

  14. Just to share.. If you go to http://www.crossfit.com and click on "faq" then on "substitutions" it lists good substitutions for a lot of their exercises.
    They recommend dumbbel thrusters in place of wall balls.

  15. 10:40

    – 2 x 5# dumbbell thrusters
    – girly pushups

  16. 8:37
    10lb ball
    Jump rope (went and got me one after the workout with you)
    Girl pu

  17. 10:13 as RXed
    10 lb wall ball
    Always girl push-ups because I am a girl and proud.
    Push-ups were brutal.

  18. 15:36

    R1: 50 Dumbell thrusters w/ 15#DBs
    50/50 Boy/Girl PU. Did boys first half, girls second half
    R2: 6 Dumbell thrusters w/ 15#DBs, 29 w/ 10#DBs
    50/50 Boy/Girl PU
    R3: 20 Dumbell thrusters w/ 10#DBs
    50/50 Boy/Girl PU

  19. 7:56- pushups are so hard!
    I don't have a jump rope yet. So do you think it is better to do simulated jump rope (do the motions of jump roping with out the rope) or just do jacks?

    1. I would think that simulated jump rope you could go faster so I would do that.

  20. 12:40. Girl pushups 10lb ball and jacks.

  21. Girl pushups would probably be better to do. I'm sure form would be better. I just have to get out a mat for that…what a thing to be lazy about! 🙂

  22. This took me 20 minutes. I finished, so am proud of myself. Way to go everyone!!

  23. 10:38…arms are jello… subbed dumbbell thrusters

  24. 10:38…arms are jello… subbed dumbbell thrusters

  25. The first workout I finished from start to finish! I even accidentally did 50-35-25 instead of 20 {oops!} 9:49! {btw, my birthday is May 15, can't wait for that birthday workout;) }

  26. 10:15…..basketball for wall balls

    My bday is June 23

  27. So good to be back after my maddening not expected two weeks off.
    Finished with 12:14.7 with a 8# ball(what was I thinking, 6# would have been key!)
    Modified PU
    and I doubled up on jacks, since I knew I would get a better workout with a rope, but we don't have one yet.
    I also messed up and did my last set of 25 and not 20…oh well. No pain no gain, right?
    Thanks again for the workouts…really missed them while I was gone.

  28. Wow! You all killed it, these times are super impressive. I'll be doing this first thing in the morning. I'm hoping to just make it past the first round of 50!!!

  29. Happy Birthday, Kristin!

    "Jenni" Pushups, 4# ball (need to buy a 10# one, at least).
    I SUCK at pushups – 50!!!??? Hello! Jello! However, I was pleased that the first 25 were basically no problem, it was 26-50 that killed me and then every one from the other sets after that.

    12:50 – eh. Not great (Those pushup slowed me down big time!!)

    Did 200 jump ropes afterwards just to get my heart a little extra pumpin and for the practice.

  30. 7:58…girly pushups and did thrusters since I don't have a medicine ball. Upper body = weak sauce

  31. Returning after a long break. 10:22 with a 12 lb ball. Crap I'm weak.

  32. Wow! My time was 13:40!!! I used 5# for thrusters since I'm nursing a shoulder. Pushups were a mix of regular & girl pushups and had to do jacks. I left my rope in the car. Still new to all of this, can't wait to one day post an awesome time like you ladies!! 🙂

  33. 12:00 – 10# ball, girl pushups. My arms still feel like jello (did the workout yesterday, just forgot to post).

  34. 10:23 i used 15lb for sub thrusters, half man half girly pushups, and sit ups instead of jumping because i did todays work out right before this which included high jumps.

  35. 6:50 with girl push-ups

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