Tuesday 08.14.12

15 rounds of:
20 lb power snatch followed immediately by five overhead squats.

Joshua Cormier, Iraq


  1. Any suggestions if I don't have access to a bar?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brook, I googles power snatch dumbells and came up with some youtube videos.

  3. Anonymous says:

    googleD not googles =)

  4. p.s. my abs thank you Jenni for leaving them alone today 😉

  5. Jessica R. says:

    9:20 I could bearly keep my dumbbells overhead. That was tough! I can't wait to see my progress next time around.

  6. 5:06
    After Monday's wod. I'll be laying here on the floor for awhile trying to recover

  7. 6:08. 20# in each hand. Yeah, just realized it was 20lbs total, so I doubled it. :/

  8. 7:20, 15# DBs for rounds 1-10, 10# DBs for rounds 11-15

    1. Pretty sure you did it right. It was a short one today, thank goodness.

    1. Most of us don't have a bar, I don't. You can do all the same movements with dumbbells….although they make overhead squats considerably harder so rest the weights on your shoulders for those if you need to.

  9. 4:44
    only had dumbbells (rested on shoulder for half of the squats)

  10. Is it supposed to be 10# dumbbells or 20 in each hand?

  11. So yeah I definitely did the wrong workout…it took me 29:26! Definitely a good one though 😉

    1. Ohmigosh. Just re-read the workout and I totally read it wrong! I did 15 rounds of 20 power snatches WITH 20 lbs and 5 overhead squats…so basically 375 squats.

      Ouch 🙂 still a goo workout! Ha!

  12. 6:23—- man, keeping balance on overhead squats is tough! Advice? Only bad thing about online is no one to check my form!

    Pouring sweat and legs shaking— guess I did something right…

    1. Anna- overhead squats are meant to be done with a bar because the resistance between your hands helps you balance the weight. I find them extremely difficult with dumbbells as well and until I get a bar, I rest my weights on my shoulders to protect my back from straining.

  13. 5:12
    I did 3 rounds of overhead squats and then had to rest the weights on my shoulders. It shows my legs are stronger than my upper body. Oh well, that's why I'm doing these WOD!!! 20lbs for power snatch.

  14. 4:23
    15# dumbbell in each hand and then half dumbbell overhead/half nothing in hands squats

  15. 3:25 but I think my bar was too light only 16.5 lbs was worried about it being my first time will go heavier next time, and after watching the video realized I didn't go low enough on my squats she was going super low!!!!!

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