Monday 08.13.12

4 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
40 Push-ups
70 Sit-ups

Man version:
4 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
40 Pull-ups
70 Push-ups


  1. 29.09
    Combined run into 2.29 mile run
    Could only make it through 2 rounds of push ups (girl) and sit ups. Not as great as I had hoped for Monday morning, but I am happy to be starting my 2 nd week here.

  2. 31:47
    I combined the run pushing the girls in the jogger and then came home and finished the wod.
    That was a lot of pushups and situps!

  3. 28:33 with subtitutions
    sub combo of BP, SU and jacks for running
    also think i cheated….stopped the clock to go to the bathroom and also when my daughter's swim lesson was over until i got her doing another activity

    anyone have any great music they listen to while w/o? I'm always looking for new/better motivation =)

  4. 33:50
    Was so close to quitting several times! It's already 91 degrees outside!!!
    All girl push-ups. Did some oblique sit-ups too (20 in each round). Pushing the jogger.

  5. 33:20
    All girl push ups! 6 min mile pace for the 800. Overall great workout!!

  6. 49:13 all
    Subbed girl push ups
    Week 2 begins…

  7. Baby isn't big enough for the jogging stroller I have yet……will have to substitute my own workout today.

  8. 38:45
    Did 3 rounds in 28:35 and thought I was done. Took off my shoes, went to post my time….CRAP!! Shoes and sweaty socks back on and 10 more minutes to finish the last round!

    1. Forgot to mention that I was pushing 70 lbs of kid weight in the double jogger for the first 2 rounds. :/

  9. feel the burn!


    I did jump rope for 2 minutes instead of running (no track close by/too hot to take the baby outside too!), alternated 10 girly/10 regular push-ups each time, and alternated 10 crunches/10 sit-ups each time…form was starting to get bad so i made the changes!

  10. 34:19
    NO modifications… great workout!!:)
    This is my 2nd day doing these workouts. They are great!!

  11. Jessica R. says:

    I could only get thru 2 rounds. 26:29
    I just didn't have it in me today.
    Great job everyone!!

  12. 34 mins
    RAn all four sets
    did 2 sets of girly push up
    two sets of sit ups
    Loved this work out!

  13. 38:07
    Girl push-ups

    Good one today!

  14. Only got two rounds in because I had to run to daycare. But 21:48!

  15. 36:15 with girls girls! If that won't get you I don't know what will! Hope tomorrow is one of the 5-6 minute jobs!!!

  16. 39 and change. 50/50 regular and girl pushups. Situps and 4-count flutter kicks.

  17. 30 minutes My GPS failed me so I didn't know how long I ran each time, and I only completed about half of the pushups{on a raised stair} and half of the situps {ouch!}. Not bad for my very first workout on your site, really impressed and excited for more!

  18. 41.30 girl pushups. Week two of doing it every day…monday=check! Next time remind me not to wait until 9:30 at night to try and run… 🙂

  19. 58 minutes.
    R1&2- 35 girl PU, 50 SU, 20 oblique crunches
    R3&4-30 girl PU, 40 SU, 20 oblique crunches

    I surrender…that killed me!

  20. Ran combined and did full sets of push ups half girly and sit ups 70, 40, 30, 30 for a time of 36:23

  21. 32:31 all girl push-ups, all crunches, 3 min run up the hill

  22. 31:42
    30 full pushups/10 modified on each round
    Full sit ups

    Great workout today. Jenni… 70 lbs of kid weight in the stroller = ouch! Subtract 5 minutes from your time I say 🙂

  23. 24:30

    Only managed to get 2 rounds in and 800 metere for round 3 before the baby woke up. Did 10 regular PUs & 30 girly PUs and 35 SU and 36 oblique crunches.

  24. Jenni… I can speak with confidence as I have done the 70 lb. Kid push as well. Good job…it's tough!

  25. 30:44
    Girl push ups

  26. Bummer. Mine didn't post earlier.

    35 minutes (phone died but was at 33 going into the last set of push-ups and sit-ups. Pushing 60 pounds of kid weight in my double stroller.

    All girl push-ups and did 40, 30, 30, 30.

  27. Recovering from a nasty stomach flu…

    3 rounds 27:53

  28. 33:06
    All boy pushups but they were not that great the last round
    All sit ups

  29. I was just wondering If you could clarify some of the techniques on these moves. I just know when im working out with someone and they aren't going chest to ground on pushups it's not too fair when they kill my time same goes with situps. Not trying to be rude it might just help all of us too make sure we are getting the correct movements in. Maybe when you post you could add in parenthesis (chest to ground) or something like that!! Just a thought love this site great job!!

    1. Hi Tia-
      That is a totally legitimate question. I wonder the same thing when I see someone post a way faster time than me, but I don't let it bug me because I am doing this to compete with myself and I just get ecnouraged seeing how many other Mamas are pushing themselves as well. There is no way that any two people will have the exact same technique unless you are competing in the games. My legs may be longer than yours so my squats might take longer, someone else might be using lighter weights or a smaller box or their KTEs might be more like knee ups. All that matters is that you do your best, at your level and try to continually improve on your technique and your own times. That's all I can say….and welcome!

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