Friday 08.10.12

3 rounds for time of:
10 Weighted squats, 30lbs (hold weights on your shoulders)
50 Jump rope or jacks (get a rope! 😉

Compare to 10.19.11

Chief Vassallo and Senior Chief Guza
Coast Guard Cutter Sherman
(I hope she is the Senior Chief 😉


  1. 4:00 I stink at jump rope!
    20 lbs for squats as well

  2. 3:22~jumping jacks 30 lbs squats

  3. 3:30 jumping jacks. 20lbs

  4. 3:40 jump rope and 45lb bar

  5. Anonymous says:

    so you just do it as long as you can?

  6. 0.06

    haha, j/k my "work out partner" (read 3 year old) stopped my timer!

    20 lb. squats with jumping jacks

    around 4 min.

  7. Well 40 lbs easy jumprope.. Well let's say I have a new skill to polish. I didn't time it I just made myself get those connsecutive jumps.

  8. 2:52 jump rope, and a bar but I don't know how much it weighs.
    I need to do kegals because while I was doing jumping jacks i peed myself haha. 😛

  9. Anonymous says:

    First day as a crossfit mama. 6:20, used a 12kg kettlebell

  10. 4:08 – 4 sets of squats @ 30lbs & jump rope as rx'd

  11. 2:30 – 20 pound squats

  12. 3:50
    24# squats – time to buy some more weights!
    Jacks (could not get puppy to leave rope alone)

  13. Hey I'm a newbie!!
    3:46 w/ 20lb weights (need to buy heavier weights) and jumping jacks instead of jumprope.

  14. 4.36 jump rope and 10 lb dumbbell squats… Jump rope got a knot between set 1&2 so it took a bit longer than it might have otherwise. I also ran 1.5 miles first.

  15. 3:03
    jump rope
    40lb squats

    compaed to 2:55 on 10.19.12 – with 20lbs

  16. 3:59
    Jumping jacks
    20# Squats

  17. Been sick for almost a week 🙁 Finally better. Couldn't do any other WOD posted b/c can't leave house (baby napping)…so I came back to this one:

    4:20 – my jump roping is becoming much better – I am proud of my little achievement! 15# squats…still need to invest in weights.

    Did 5 rounds for a total of 7:16, just cause I felt like it! 🙂

  18. Opts I forgot how many rounds I was supposed to do and do 5 rounds Ohhhh well I should have done 55 I really need to get to work!!

    Jump rope and 30 lbs (2 15 lb dumbells)

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