Thursday 08.09.12

5 rounds of:
40 jump rope or jacks (get a rope! 😉
30 box jumps, 18″ box
20 kettle bell swings, 20 lbs

Compare to 10.18.11 

 Dana Blaney


  1. What would you sub for the Kettle ball swings? I have no ball yet?

  2. cool, I have those 🙂 Thanks

  3. I made one by putting sand and water in a milk jug

  4. 8:05 compared to 10:40. And I just found a jump rope in the garage yesterday, perfect timing 🙂

  5. 10:21 step ups not jumps
    9 ye old daughter did 3 sets in 6:34. Squats instead of KB and a 6 inch box

  6. 13:25
    step ups not jumps, used second stair on stairway.
    20lbs dumbell in place of KB
    getting there…!

  7. 9:33
    Used stairs for box jump, jumping jacks and 20lb dumbbell instead of kettle Bell

  8. First post but I've done 9 WOD. 15:30- 15 lb dumbbell -10 inch box

  9. Your not slow!
    This was my second w/o with this blog!

  10. 14:40
    Pretty proud about that. It was hard! (shocker!)

    step ups (alternated legs every 15)
    5# ball (need to invest in kb)

    Jumpropes are getting easy! 🙂 Practicing those a lot!

    -Tiffany 7/2 (in case Jenni didn't see it in my other post)

  11. 19:53
    step ups on 2nd stair
    10 lb. kettle ball

    This is my first post, but 3rd work out. I love it!

  12. 2nd WOD, 1st post
    Used 15lb dumbbell (all I have)
    Jump Rope
    Step ups on 1st round then moved to 8" box (or I wouldn't make it) 2nd round jumps then 3rd, 4th and 5th 20 step ups and 10 jumps…I've never sweated so much in my life!

  13. 12:20. I'm a sweaty lady lol

  14. As if this workout weren't tough enough, my fiance made me do it (with him) outside in the 90 degree / 100% humidity! Needless to say, I was not speedy. 🙁

    Time: 19:25
    His: 15:00

  15. 14:30…. Used a step stool as a box and it's about 20" so I did mostly step-ups but some jumps…

  16. 10.07
    Started box jumps on a kitchen chair (18in) and after 1st round the chair started to wiggle. I guess it's not made for box jumps! Lol. Went to stairs (11in) if anyone has a good idea for box jumps that is higher than the 2 stairs please let me know.
    Also only had a 10lb dumbbell for kettle bell.

  17. 13:08
    Had to do step-ups for 2-5 (so sore from the one leg squats still!)
    25# kettlebell

  18. Jessica R. says:

    Step ups on 2nd stair
    16lb KB
    When the reps are high like that and I start to get tired, I start to lose count. I know I had to recount a few times. Does that happen to anyone else? Total brain fizz!

  19. 13:01

    Hi, I'm new and this is my first workout. I did jumping jacks, used second step for step ups, and dumbbells for swings. Hope it gets better (I was hurting).

  20. 15:42, dripping!!
    jump jacks
    18" box jumps (use a sturdy old office chair, might want to look at DI or Goodwill?)
    15lb dumbbell swings

  21. 15:32
    Jump rope
    18 in. Box
    25 lb k.b.

    Legs were dead for the jumps but finished… squiggly, wiggly. 🙂

  22. 15.58 jumprope, set ups on a 5 gallon primar jug, alternating every 15, and 10 lb kb. #pouringsweat#

  23. 1st workout in waaay too long
    Jump rope
    18" box bit only did sets of 15 (disappointed but haven't done box jumps in over 9 years lol)
    20 kettle bell

  24. 12:08 as rx'd
    compared yo 13:05 on 10.18.12
    i hate box jumps

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