Wednesday 08.08.12

5 rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
20 Shoulder press, 20lbs
Run 200 meters
20 Push-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Sit-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Squats

Compare to 10.17.11

Edward Proulx


  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you suggest anything to sub for the runs? I'm doing these at naptime and don't have a treadmill.

    1. Vanessa has good suggestions. I would say 1 minute of jump rope or jacks for every 200 meters. When my babies were napping, I would run laps around my 100 meter court. Or if my little guy is awake, I set up his stroller in the front yard with some snacks, buckle him in and he watches me run around and around! Now we aren't in a court anymore 🙁 so he watches me run up and down. 🙂

  2. If I was subbing for the run I'd do 45-50 seconds of high knees, jumping jacks or jump rope.

  3. 50:47. Wow, that was an intense one.

  4. total – 40:54

    round 1 8:05
    round 2 7:55
    round 3 7:44
    round 4 8:13
    round 5 8:56

    all boy except 6 girlies in round 2. loved this one.

  5. Holy intense Batman! 28:56
    That is the LAST time I eat a cinnamon bun for breakfast (son's bday breakfast) I almost puked!

    subbed step ups for running
    girl pushups – love you Jenni!!!
    18lbs for presses. tried 20lbs for first 20 and almost didn't finish

  6. 31:08 compared to 34:19 in October.

    Only change for me was this time I combined all the running (had girls with me) and then finished the 5 rounds of the WOD at home.
    This time I pushed the girls in the jogger for the run, and last time I didn't so I'm happy with that improvement!

  7. 13:18 – Completed 3 rounds (baby woke up)

    Replaced each run with 5-18" step ups

    girly pushups

  8. Only had time for 3 rounds, kind of disappointed because I wanted to finish…

  9. 34:22

    Compared to 5 min in Oct when I did one round 🙂

  10. Lol Jodie!


    Compared to 35:05 in October with 10 lb press.
    Both times 3 rounds would have been plenty! 😉

  11. Chris:
    1st round pull-ups
    Next 4 rounds 60 lb press.

  12. 35:37- girl push ups and subbed runs for 1 minute cardio. Did jumping jacks for the first 3 rounds then a minute of kettle bell swings for the last 2 rounds.

  13. Wow! That is crazy! 42:18 did 8lbs. Weights for the shoulder press (about killed myself after 4 reps at 20lbs.!) And did girlie PU.

  14. 27:35
    Only 3 rounds…no excuses…this just really kicked my ass today. Loved it 😉

  15. I've been doing the workouts for a while but this is the first time commenting!


    Subbed high knees for 60 seconds instead of runs and died half girly push-ups half regular…OUCH!

  16. 37:12
    Ran 7 miles pushing my 1 year old then did workout. Probably should have looked at.the WOD before I ran. Oh well. Did 2 rounds with 10lb dumbells then switched to 5lb for shoulder press and did girlie push up! Nice one though!!

  17. Jessica R. says:

    Yeehaw! Sure glad that's over with!
    Sub'd 50 single unders (jump rope) for running & did wall push ups after the first 2 rounds killed my shoulders.
    During the last half of the last round, my 2yr old woke up super cranky. I pushed thru it pretending I could only save her if I completed the work out! It was good motivation, haha!

  18. Well, this took me 42:17. I combined all the runs (had to do that part before hubby went to work) (2.2 miles) did 10lb presses, girly PU, and lunges in place of squats.

  19. 39:23

    This was a great workout!! I used 15 pound dumbbells for the first two rounds then 8 pound dumbbells the last three rounds for the shoulder press. Push ups from knees.

  20. I did run first 2.5 miles 20:34
    Then the 5 rounds 11:54
    Total time =

  21. First WOD!
    Only completed 4 sets, hello fitness!

  22. 31:49 as RX'd
    Compared to 36:39 on 10.17.11
    Go me! Yay for getting stronger!

  23. 40:10- rowing instead of running girl pushups after first round, and 45lb shoulder press… I am so glad that it's over! I wanted to stop after 3 rounds but just kept telling myself to do one more set, and I finally finished!

  24. 26:42
    Did 3 rounds. Used 12kg kettlebell fir presses. Girl pushups….

  25. 26:11

    3 rounds… Ran outside my town home, 200 meters uphill. Dead after 3 rounds! Next time running on flat ground!
    Finished the last two lifting circuits though!

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