1. Well some of them were weighted with the twins crawling over me but I was able to squeeze in 15.

  2. ps. love today's photo – what an inspiration!!!

  3. 18 rnds w regular squats

  4. 21
    Boy pu's (this was a first for me)
    Regular Squats

    Thanks, Jenni!

  5. 18 and I have a new crossfit mamma with me, LEAH!!!! We both completed it together 🙂

  6. 10 rounds with 8:14 left on the clock (baby woke up).

    girly pushups

  7. 17
    (All my push-ups are always girl because I am a GIRL!! 😉

    I consider boy push-ups to be a modification!

    1. Did 16 in October and I definitely could have made 20 this time but was tired and running at 3/4 speed, plus my 2 year old was working out with me/ getting in the way.

    2. I love that Jenni! Makes me feel better about my girl pushups! They work for me 🙂

  8. Jenni (or any mama that may know):

    I've discovered that I have a small diastasis (about 2 finger width) and I know that crunches/sit-ups are not recommended.
    What is a good substitute exercise to do for any WOD that calls for sit ups/knees to elbows? I googled but mostly found things that are breathing techniques – not things I would incorporate into a WOD.



    1. Running T. (what is your name so I know what to name your bday WOD)-
      I had a full diastasis from 2 inches above my belly button all the way down from my 4 pregnancies. I never heard to not do sit-ups, on fact, I read that the best thing you can do is to strengthen your abs to bring them closer together. I did hundreds of sit-ups for a year before getting my diastasis repaired and it helped tremendously. I think the only danger is a possible hurnia but I think the benefits out way the risk. My opinion and experience. Talk to your doctor or keep researching.

    2. If you still want to sub, I would suggest leg lifts. Not sure what difference it will make though.

  9. 16
    (half sit-ups, half crunches – got wimpy towards the end I guess! haha)

    Jenni, found your site a month ago and finally fully started this week, along with a girl from work and her husband! I am so excited about it, I've always wanted to try CrossFit, but like you said in your bio I was always worried about being too bulky up top!

    Thanks for leading the way for us ladies! 🙂

  10. 12…..I suck!!! Sit-ups are still hard for me after my c-section 🙁

  11. 11 rounds completed, all man push ups, 1/2 reg sit-ups, other half reverse crunches (I have a blister on my a@@ from yesterdays sit-ups!!)

    1. Lol. I've had bruises and the "red badge of courage" but never a butt blister! Go Mama! 😉

  12. Found this website 1 week ago and love it! Going to start posting so I keep myself accountable!
    13 rounds today. Gonna go run 2 miles now!

  13. 14+5
    Girl push-ups and my one leg squats are terrible, but I figure they won't get any better if I keep avoiding them!

  14. 13 with modified push ups! I'm such a girl! Lol, but before long I'll get there. Day 2 completed!!

  15. 16
    Does anyone feel as awkward ad I do when doing one legged squats?!?!

  16. whoa, I only did 9. It was really hard. The sit ups are killer.

  17. 14! A day behind but I had to do this one. Girl push ups.

  18. Running T —

    I recently had a baby, and my midwife encouraged me not to do sit ups either, until my diastasis went away. I was told that I needed to strengthen my (much) lower and inner abs before starting to strengthen your "stomach". She recommended trying to remember to engage your lower abs when you are moving. If you need to get up from the lying position, roll onto your side, engage your belly and get up. She also encouraged kegals..

    I was told to do this for 6-8 weeks after delivery, or as needed. I'm now 7 weeks post partum, and my diastasis is completely gone..

    1. Lori- thanks for clatifying. I was absolutely not talking about anything post partum. My diastasis was permanent and any abdominal exercises I did were way beyond 6-8 weeks after my last baby.

  19. 15 rounds
    Did 10 squats per leg for each round. Wasn't sure if that was right or if everyone did 5 per? Anyone?

  20. Thanks Jenni! Loving your blog… getting ready to cross fit certify in September. This is a great resource for the feminine cross fit lover. I have recommended your site to so many people already!

  21. 16 rounds in 15 min before the baby woke up. Did girlie PU.

  22. 14 rounds
    (my 7 year old helped me keep count!)

  23. Thanks for your feedback Jenni and Lori!!
    I am currently 2 yrs post partum! I'm not sure what that means exactly for my diastasis (I didn't even know there was a thing until 3 days ago…kinda annoyed no one ever mentioned that in any books or classes I took). I've been doing a lot of research and there is a lot of fairly good sources that suggest it can be cleared up over time with proper exercise. I don't know if I had one prior to pregnancy (I did a lot fo gymnastics growing up and there are some suggestions that back bends, etc, can lead to it…and I wasn't the most fit gymnast back then, read that I was quite overweight but surprisingly agile and flexible) or if I got it during pregnancy/after my c-section.
    Anyway, I'm going to just sub the crunches/knee to elbows with some of the exercises I've found (after a lot of googling!) and just do them as best I can as the substitute (kettlebells was an example given as a sub for crunches…oh joy! Haha). Most of the subs are more low intensity and won't get the heart pumping as much, but I will make up for it elsewhere!
    Sorry for such a long post…maybe it will help anyone else out there though!

    -Tiffany (July 2) <—–Jenni, as requested! 😉

  24. Finally did this one. (Day behind). I really enjoyed this one a lot.

    13 rounds.
    Did mods for crunches, "Jennis" (I've renamed "girly" push ups after you…hope that's OK, haha!), and I haven't ever done one leg squats so I used my TRX to help stabilize me when I was getting trembly. I did 10 on one leg, then the next set did 10 on the other….whoops. Oh, well, it was good.

    Thanks, great work out!

  25. I was a day behind doing this one, and 2 days posting, but I did 10 rounds. I did 10 squats on each leg every set (which I think was wrong but oh well) girl PUs, and I alternated sit ups, crunches, oblique work, and reverse crunches.

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