Tuesday 07.31.12

Attach an object at precisely 12″ above your maximum reach with rope or cord, and complete
4 rounds for time of:
30 Jump and touch
20 Deadlifts, 40 lbs
10 Push-ups


  1. 10:36.1
    slighly modified

  2. 9:05
    My 3-year-old's reaction to my jump and touch, "cool trick mommy!" – so rough landing on wood floors, even landed on my dumbbell once! Ouch!
    All boy push-ups, really struggled with the last 5!

  3. 8:41, 20lbs deadlift. all boy pushups except for 5 in the middle.
    loved your post about it being in our heads yesterday – really helped me go on!!
    Day #2 for crossfit. wondering if you do anything else? I'm currently on day #34 of Befit in 90
    thanks! sarah

  4. 9:45 and dead, got a long way to get my body back after baby #4 in 5 years 🙂

  5. Girl PU, 15# weight (need to go buy some more…it was hard, but I can push it more).


    Great work out.

    Push ups are already getting easier since last week! I did 11 the last round just to show the push up who is boss! 😉 Haha! Mind Games!

  6. 16:40 – 6 weeks postpartum, and so proud of myself! Looking forward to watching my times improve!

    20# deadlifts
    and girl pushups

  7. Me: 8:18
    Modified pushups

    My 9 year old: 7:16
    Real pushups

    Great workout! I'm drenched!

  8. Was kinda proud of myself until I looked at everyone's times!!!
    Motivation to go faster tomorrow!

    girl pushups

  9. 6:54 with 40#. — girlie push ups— but they were SOO much easier than last week!!!! Will mix next time!

  10. 14:00 7 weeks post-partum….
    45lb deadlift
    Full push-ups. Ready to get back my body!!

  11. 10:38
    Very 1st Crossfit workout!
    #50 deadlift
    1/2 full PU and 1/2 modified

  12. Almost didn't work out tonight… got online and watched Rich Froning in the 2012 Crossfit games and immediately put my work out clothes on and hit the basement!
    Jumped as high as I could in my basement
    75# deadlifts and all boy pushups… now drenched in sweat and it feels so good!

  13. late to posting!

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