Tuesday 07.24.12

For time:
30 Siit-ups
30 Deadlifts, 30
30 Jump rope, or jacks
30 Weighted squats, 30-40 lbs
30 Push-ups


  1. 7:00.2
    deadlifts – 30lbs + bar weight
    squats – 30lbs + bar weight

  2. 6:11
    35# deadlift
    35# squats—ugh–hate squats 🙂

  3. Day 2!


    20# Deadlifts (highest weight we have right now)
    20# squats

  4. 4:33

    Deadlifts 30 lbs.
    Weighted squats 30 lbs

  5. 5:56
    20lbs deadlifts
    20lbs squats

    -need to get more weights

  6. Just found your blog and love it! I am new to Crossfit— when you say Clean I saw there were several moves with clean in the title. Which one is this?

    1. Hi Anna! Welcome!
      Sorry that was so confusing. I changed the labels to say clean or power clean because they are the same thing.

  7. Awesome!!! Thanks for this site!!! Just finished today with 5:39 20#– push ups killed me! can't wait to see improvement there!!

  8. I don't have a way to do deadliest right now. What can I do in place of them?

    1. Hi Logan! Welcome!
      If you don't have any dumbbells yet, I would suggest using anything heavy you can find: 2 gallons of milk or OJ, look around your garage for anything you can lift, and then take yourself to Target and get some 10-20 lb dumbbells! 🙂

  9. Thanks Jenni! I just had my 2nd daughter via c-section, so I'm slowly getting back into a workout routine. I love crossfit, and my husband actually built us a pull-up bar in the garage and we're slowly acquiring weights.

    1. Also, if you are still recovering, you could start with something lighter like a broom stick. Congrats on your new little girl!

  10. I'm brand new to CrossFit. Found your blog and thought I'd give it a try. I had to modify pretty much everything because I don't have a bar or weights, but I did what I could the way I could do it. So my time is probably much faster than if I'd actually been deadlifting 30# or doing weighted squats (next time I'll put my 2yo on my back and do them!).

    6:15 – modified DL, Squats, and push ups.

    Is this all you would do for a work out today? Or would you do something else? Like I said, I'm new to this! Thanks for your post and your help!

    1. This is all I do. I know it sounds too good to be true but it works. You can add running if you want to shed a few additional pounds quicker. Great job modifying with what you've got and your 2 year old would definitely work for weighted squats! 🙂

  11. Ok…so I feel really slow. 1st time and still sore from my run yesterday.
    20#'s on deadlifts and lunges
    modified pu

  12. Anonymous says:

    4:39 45 lb dead lift, 30 pound squat, 30 girl pushups

  13. It's my first day!! So fun!

    5:27 with 20# for weight.

    Do you and your family also follow certain dietary guidelines? Is there a blog entry on that?


    1. Hi Samantha! Welcome to the Mamas!
      Crossfit does promote a diet called Paleo and there are other variations called Primal, etc. but my family eats a pretty typical healthy American diet. We eat whole wheat, lots of fruits and veggies, lots of water and milk, not much soda, no caffeine, alcohol, and all the normal family stuff like tacos, spaghetti, burgers, steak abs potatoes. We eat at home a lot. Not a lot of fast food, fried food, etc. but we enjoy ourselves. We are a very active family so we can eat ice cream and oreos, which we love. Thanks for asking!

  14. 5:03
    45# bar for deadlifts and squats
    Pushups on knees

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