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Wednedsday 07.18.12

3 rounds for time of:8 Squat snatches, 20-30 lbs
7 Knees-to-elbows
Run 400 meters

Three rounds for time of:
115 pound Split snatch, alternating legs, 8 reps
7 Bar muscle-ups
Run 400 meters


  1. i messed up my time… but I think around 8 min.

  2. 10:50
    and knees to chest.

  3. 12:00
    knees to chest

    This is my first CrossFit workout ever.

  4. 8:38, 20 lb snatches.
    I pushed the girls in the jogger for the run (combine the run then did the rest of the wod)

  5. 10:52
    20lbs, Knees to chest

  6. 9:33
    7 sit-ups and 7 leg lifts in place of KTE

  7. I just found your website, and am very intrigued! I'd love to try and start following along with your crossfit training…where should I start? I am VERY beginner…any suggestions?

    1. Hi Kristin! Welcome!
      It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or have been crossfitting for years, we all start with the WOD (workout of the day). Go as fast as you can and time yourself. Finish no matter how long it takes. Then post your time so that when we repeat that WOD (usually every 6 months or so), you can track your progress. The workouts are fast and the improvement is even faster. You will surprise yourself all the time with what your body can accomplish. It is extremely rewarding and the results are ideal.
      If you go to the full site, tgere are video tutorials in alphabetical order on the right side bar as well as a short list of suggested equipment that is all available at Target. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

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