Tuesday 07.17.12

For time:
100 Squats
15 Push-ups
 75 Squats
15 Push-ups
50 Squats
15 Push-ups
25 Squats
15 Push-ups


  1. This "cold" (or whatever it is) has moved to my head… would not be able to do squats without serious head rushes! Bummed, this looks fun… Maybe Saturday?

  2. 5:50
    (only did sets of 10 pushups)

  3. Anonymous says:

    10:36 girl pu's
    You are all so inspiring!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shannon: 7:38, all regular pushups except last 3 of last set had to be girl pushups

  5. Anonymous says:

    9:11 I seriously love this blog! Thank you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Might be a dumb question, but I am looking to start doing the listed workout with my son, and wanted to know if tonight's squats are weighted or just body weight? Thanks!


  7. Anonymous says:

    6:35… Love this blog!! Thanks!

  8. Anonymous says:

    6:35… Love this blog!! Thanks!

  9. 7:27, all boy push-ups. My awesome five-year-old son did the whole thing with me, too (and kept up!)

  10. Heather H says:

    14:45 This was my first day back in a while, so I struggled through this. Working out in my garage at 11 a.m. probably didn't help either.

    I did girl pushups and on the last 2 sets, I could only do 10. I was pretty gassed by that point!

  11. Anonymous says:

    7:05…first time, love it!

  12. 13:03 girl pushups. Took a few months off, getting back to it though! Remembering why I love it so much!

  13. 10:00 flat — all proper push ups 🙂 Yay me!!

  14. Just started crossfit about a week ago…I'm loving it. I do it in tandem with my running 3 miles every other day.

    Did this one in 6:23, and I ain't no small lady! 250lbs

  15. Anonymous says:

    5:43 girly pushups.

    This is first time doing a cross fit mama workout. Felt good and it was fast. my baby laughed when I was doing my pushups! lol!

  16. 7:34
    This is my first time doing cross fit and I was just wondering if you combine any of your workouts with anything else. I just had twin boys nine months ago, and this short amount of time just seems too good to be true. 🙂

    1. Hi Christy! Welcome!
      To answer your question, I think it depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight, you might want to add in some extra running. But if not, these short, fast, intense workouts alone will make you trimmer, stronger, faster, toned and in the best shape of your life. I can atone to this after having 4 kids and doing only these workouts for the last year abs being on the best shape of my life. Now I am a crossfitter for life and that's why I love sharing it with other Mamas. 🙂

  17. 6:55
    Sick and phlemmy this week so trying to ease back in.

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