Wednesday 07.11.12

8 rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
10 Dumbbell burpee deadlifts, 20 pound dumbbells


  1. 18:46
    Slow and steady since I'm fasting and knew I couldn't rehydrate (not recommended!)!
    20 lbs. total
    Pushing a jogger.

  2. 19:05
    20 lbs total (Chris was using other weights)
    Held weights through burpees
    Britta…..show off. 😉

    Chris: 18:15
    60 lbs total
    Held on

  3. 20:12. 15 lb db's, girlie push-ups.
    The video made me cry because it totally makes me grateful that I can do the things I do because I can, still here with my cute family. Just what I needed today, thank you and thanks for all the WOD's!!!

  4. I didn't get the burpees done but I did run 2 miles pushing the girls in the jogger.

  5. Thanks for that video !! "Man up right there .. Quit your bitchin'" .. Loved it !! And thanks for the workout :o)

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