1. 20:05. Not feelin it today.

  2. 15:38 – switched the left lifts to bridges since I wasn't real sure as to what to do.

  3. First day of following along!


    Two questions: 1) do you have a link to leg lifts on the blog? 2) is the Rx weight combined or for each dumb bell?

    Thanks so much for posting these! Can no longer go to my box and happy to have found this to continue cross fit!

  4. 12:50 as RXed

    Ok Mamas, as per your requests, I have added a leg lift video tutorial to the sight.

    Beth- Welcome! To answer your question, the weight will always be combined total unless specified. So if it is a 20lb clean, that would be 2- 10lb dumbbells unless you have a bar (which most of us don't).

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