1. 13:36 pushing the girls in the jogger. No rests because I had the girls. Had I rested between the first and second rounds, time would be 17:36.

  2. 14 min total.
    Averaged about 5:06 each 1/2 mile. My timer got messed up.

    Question to all:
    What running shoes do you like and if you use supplements while running, what are they?
    I am in the market for new shoes, looking for mostly minimal, and supplements. I hate GU and Hammerhead. I know what's out there for those, just looking for recommendations.


  3. I need a shoe recommendation as well. My asics are dying.

    For supplements I only do a prenatal (my son is 5 months old), and straight coconut oil. It's been amazing for my energy level and joint function.

  4. Oh sorry, I should've been more specific. Energy boosters on long runs.

    Ok, I'll have to look into coconut oil. I take fish oil, is there a big difference?

  5. 1- 4:15
    2- 4:08
    3- 4:30
    (pushing a double jogger)

    And so happy because last time my 800 M runs averaged 5:38 with no jogger!

    Tiffany- I am pretty happy with my New Balance shoes but I wouldn't consider myself a hard core runner. I don't take any suppliments.

  6. I'm not a huge runner, but I average about 12 miles a week… I just got new brooks shoes and like them. I've also had mizuno and saucony and liked them too. I don't take any supplements either.

  7. Just started following this blog. What do you use to keep track of your times on these interval runs? I used the android app mapmyrun, but I don't know how to see the time for each round. Any hints?

  8. Welcome! I use the Android app Endomondo. It is a good one.

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