1. Anonymous says:

    I am new to all this and wanted to know if you all do more than just the WOD. Also on the leg lifts are you doing a double in front or sing sides? Are you all doing the normal Cross-Fit warm up? If not what do you do to warm up?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow and to think this was the easy one. I got 50 squats in before I had to stop to breath. 😉 I hope I can get as awesome as some of you. You have some impressive times.

  3. I will do some stretching before I start but no other warm up. The majority of the time I only do the WOD and I've seen huge improvements. It's what I love about these workouts. Intense but short with noticeable results.

  4. I will always stretch before I run but otherwise no warm up. Just like Jodie said, these WODS are kicking my butt adequately to get the fast awesome results that I love.

  5. 7:12
    Slower than my September time but I did this one right after finishing the 04.23.12 WOD. Still faster than my April 2011 time. Can't believe I have been crossfitting for a year! Love it.

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