1. In Omaha for another pharm school interview. Cross your fingers for me 🙂

  2. 16:30. Not sure how accurate this is, I had treadmill problems this morning. Good workout none the less.

  3. 11:44
    First 5 push-ups in each set were boy style.
    Even jumped hurdles over my 2-year-old on his bike (actual bike, not a tricycle) with each run!
    (should not have had donuts for breakfast! Bleh!)

  4. 10:20
    Only 10 lb thrusters because Chris was using the heavier weights.

    Chris: 10:00
    40 lb thrusters

  5. PS Good luck Jodie!!
    PPS Did it in 12:13 in September.

  6. 12:49- I lumped the running together, pushing the girls in the jogger and then came home and did the thruster/pu reps

  7. 13:26 compared to 13:12
    Although I ran an extra 400m today

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