1. did the box jumps on the stairs and did regular squats 17:27. Those burpees are a killer. I'm sweating bullets here in Texas!

  2. 17:08 with one legged box jumps

  3. 9:03
    Seemed harder than it should have. I'm blaming the time change.

  4. 13:15
    I think burpees and box jumps are two of the things I dislike most. :/

  5. 20:47
    18" box jumps, all
    all burpees, girl pu's mixed with boy pu's (feel strong enough to do the boy, felt more natural. Happy about that!)
    regular squats, no weight.

    Felt so stinkin good, even though I was slow!!!

  6. 21:19
    as RXed
    I knew I was in trouble when I finished 1 round and felt spent! I finished it though. You guys are all so fast! The burpees kicked my butt and then doing 20lb squat cleans right after the box jumps and burpess was KILLER!! Total butt whooping! I am dying and I love it!

    Jodie- please tell me that you didn't do 4 ROUNDS!!!?!?

  7. After running 2.5 miles, completed the WOD in 16.11; that was brutal!

  8. Well…I thought I did 4. But after comparing times maybe only 3????

  9. 14.15, first two rounds as rx, second two rounds with only girly push ups on a pillow for burpee b/c my wrist was killing me! AND…regular squats on the last round. And a two minute twitter break in between to complain to Jenni and Britta 😛

  10. 15:52 (all 4 rounds the same)
    box jumps on stairs
    burpees without pushups
    2 10lb dumbells on cleans
    Just to confirm: 1 clean consists of 2 squats, right?

    1. I'm Glad you asked that amber. I think I would have done hang squat cleans if you hadn't. I had them mixed up in my head 🙂

  11. Don't be so modest Jodie…..you know you did 4. You are just trying to make me feel better. Stop being such a rock star! You too Britta! JEESH! I guess that month off really took a toll on me! I hope I look back on this WOD 5 months from now after I have done it in 9 minutes and think, "Really?! 22 minutes!?!? Was I really that out of shape?!" and then I will feel better!! 🙂

    Amber- the squat clean starts on the ground, a quick up, then down, then up…..so yeah, I guess it is essentially 2 squats. Those killed me by the way.

  12. 12:29
    as RX'd
    glad I am not the only one that struggled with this! it was tough!

  13. @jamie LOL!!! I can always count on you for a good "that's what she said"!! 😉

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