1. So the pull up bar was a lot harder than I thought. I was glad to read some of the comments from last August to today and I have hope!!! I alternated with knee to elbow sit up!

    7:08, with 30 lbs dead lifts. I don't have 60lbs.

  2. 6:12. My time is a little off. I went to the park so I could do the kte so I did the 5 reps with 15 squats in between then Ran 1.5 miles then came home and did the dead lifts. The time is the total it took me to do the combined kte and dead lifts.

  3. 6:40
    As RXed
    Was feeling slow today but checked my time from August: 12:50
    I will take that. 🙂

  4. After running 2.25 miles… Completed WOD in 7.20

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