Monday 03.05.12

For time:
25 Push-ups
50 Knees to elbows
Run 800 meters
75 Push press, 20lbs
150 Jump rope or jacks


  1. This is my first day doing cross fit-trying to lose the baby weight. I had to modify the workouts a little bit because I'm not supposed to do intense workouts for a couple more weeks and I don't have all the equipment yet. I did 25 pushups, 100 standing bicycle crunches, 75 wall push ups, 150 jumping jacks in 8:52. I couldn't do the 800 meters because we can't take our 2nd daughter out yet (she was born 7 weeks early) And my husband couldn't watch the girls. Man my arms will be sore tomorrow!! Thanks Jenni!!

  2. 39:21. I had to use old elliptical for 800m. I may miss calculated meters to feet. Either way I'm dying.

  3. 12:40 I really struggled with the push press today for some reason.

  4. 16:53, did plank with pulling knees in, 100x's. I don't have a pull-up bar yet for door frame. WOW, heart going!

  5. Day 1 – 14:35

    But…50 bicycle crunches + 50 leg raises instead of KTE, 200 jump rope instead of 800 m run (blizzard + baby = no outside running), and had to switch to 2 x 5lb dumbells for push press (from 2 x 10lbs) after 40

    Ass feels sufficiently kicked

  6. 14.34 this is my first time. Just found this blog, I am excited to combine these workouts with my half marathon training schedule :).

  7. 13:45
    As RXed
    With jump rope

    Where else can you get a butt kicking like that in 14 minutes and be done for the day? I am dripping sweat and I love it. 🙂

  8. Got a phone call in the middle and forgot to pause it, so I'm a little bit guestimating at about 19 minutes! Pushed non-jogging double stroller too. Whew that beast is heavy!

  9. ok, somebody teach me! If you are doing this for time, how do you know if you've improved unless you do the exact same workout again? Is that why you're all posting your time to compare to each other?

    LOVE THIS BLOG! Thanks!

  10. Hi Jourdan! Welcome! These WODs do repeat about every 5 or 6 months so you will see your time improve then. But in the meantime…..you will see your body and strength improve! Everything that started out difficult gets easier and easier. 😉

  11. 12:38
    50 leg lifts and 50 sit-ups in place of KTE
    20lb. push press
    girl push ups

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