Wednesday 02.29.12

Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
11 Push-ups
12 Deadlifts, 30 lbs
13 Sit-ups


  1. 20 or 21 (i have the hardest time keeping track!) + pushups deadlifts and 5 situps

  2. I was slow today, 15 rounds. BUT, I did Tuesdays workout first.

  3. 15 as RXed
    I'm BACK!!!!! After 5 weeks of recovery… I am so glad to get to do the WODS again! It is weird though because I have to relearn how to do a push-up (the first 11 were really hard!) and I feel like I have regressed 5 months even though I have only been off for 5 weeks. I did the 7 minutes in burpee Hell WOD from Monday last night and my endurance was horrible. Oh well, I am back, I will get there again…one WOD at a time. 😉

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