1. 77
    All with push-ups (is there really any other way to do a burpee?!)
    Had to stop to breathe after about 50!

  2. I think that if you are consciously doing a push up in plank position within your burpee then that would be a burpee with a push up but burpees are meant to be a fast up-down unless specified "with a push-up". The push up will slow you down and burpees have a natural "push-up" motion in the up/down. 🙂

  3. 122
    JK, I only did 61. Have I mention I hate burpees!!!! But I figure that I have to do them if I want to get any better!!!' 🙂

  4. your post didn't show up until 5pm est. i didn't get to do it today. i'm disappointed. i'm looking forward to tomorrow.

  5. Dee, I am so sorry. I spaced posting the weeks WODS on Sunday night and woke up Monday morning to a friendly reminder and 2 kids needing to get ready for school and 2 more running around hungry! I did post Monday's WOD at around 8:30am on the West coast so you should have had it by 12:30. I am so sorry I disappointed you. If this ever happens again (I have set a reminder on my phone now 😉 you can always look through the year of archived WODS and just pick a different one to do for the day. 🙂

  6. I just got cleared today (Tuesday) to start working out again after a 5 week post-op break. I decided to jump straight back in and go for the burpee beat down! I had a goal of 80 but got 67. I feel like I am going to die. My legs hurt the most but it feels so good to be back!!

  7. 80. I'm back too jenni, just not from as long of a break as you. 😉 way to get back on the horse! 😉

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