Monday 02.13.12

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
7 Push press, 20-25lbs
10 Overhead squats, 20-30lbs
15 Sit-ups


  1. 10 + push press
    30lb. Push press
    Does anyone else struggle with overhead squats with dumbbells? I have a hard time going down very far into a squat without bending my arms and it feels like I am straining my back. I know your supposed to keep your weight in your heels but I have a hard tine doing that. Maybe it is different with a bar? Just wondering….

  2. I find it awkward as well. I don't want to strain my back so I hold the dumbbells at my shoulders and keep the weight in my heels.

  3. I have always kept the weights on my shoulders as well and I'm pretty sure none of us are using a bar. Maybe I should label them differently?

  4. That Is what I started doing half way through and it was much better but I didn't want to cheat if I was doing them wrong 🙂 thanks ladies 🙂

  5. 13 rounds + 7 push-press

    It definitely takes more core work and balance to do overhead squats, but it's worth it for the shoulder work. Since it takes longer I'm not going to compare myself to Jodie since we did 2 different work-outs 😉

  6. I tried doing this one again….
    13 + push presses
    I did the over head squats with dumbbells just above my head rather than extended up. It was easier on my back.

  7. 17
    20lb pp and overhead squats
    (I use a bar and hold it straight up for the squats)

  8. 10 + pp and squats
    25 lb pp and 20 lbs squat
    I tried bar and dumbbells overhead and ended up with dumbbells on the shoulder. I felt I could squat further that way.

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