Friday 01.06.12

10 push-ups
20 wall ball shots
30 knees to elbows
40 power clean (10- 20lbs)
50 sit-ups (or burpees if you feel hard core)
60 sumo-deadlift high-pull (15-20lbs)

Compare to 08.08.11 (7:56)


  1. 13:32
    10 boy push ups
    30 sit-ups and 30 leg lifts in place of KTE
    20lb power clean
    50 burpees
    10lb sumo

  2. 8:39
    All girl push-ups (still sore from Wednesday!)
    Had to convince crew to pass me the ball for wall-ball.
    20 lb. power cleans
    50 sit-ups
    20 lb. sumo deadlifts

  3. 10:00
    girl pushups
    8lb ball
    30 sit ups with 8lb ball and 30 leg lifts
    25 sit ups and 25 burpees
    10lbs for everything else

  4. 9:00!!!

    No modifications except for kte since I still cannot get to my bar.

    I used 25lbs. for power clean and sumo deadlift high pull.

    I also used a 10lb. ball.

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