Tuesday 12.06.11

70 burpees
60 sit-ups
50 kettle bell swings (10-20lb dumbbell)
40 push-ups
30 squats

Compare to 04.21.11 (17:04) and  06.14.11 (16:58)

 “People in distress depend on the readiness of the United States Coast
WODs keep me mentally and physically prepared to respond to
those in need.”
– Cameron Cullen

I love my USCG Helicopter Rescue Swimmer!


  1. 12:03
    my burpee form is getting better but they still kick my butt.

  2. 12:30
    15lb kettle
    beat my last time (5 months ago) by 5 minutes!!!

    Amber- I never do full push-ups with my burpees, push-ups are optional but if you are doing the burpees correctly, you are pushing yourself off the ground in the same kind of way each time anyway.

  3. 17:15 so do I get bonus points for doing pushups with the burpees 😉

  4. are you ladies doing girl or boy pushups? Just wondering how much I should be pushing myself. Should I do as many boy as I can and then switch to girl? Or should I rest and then continue until I can get through all 40 doing boy?

  5. Hi Cindy-

    We are all doing girl push-ups unless we specify in our comments "boy style". If you feel like girl are too easy, do as many boy style as you can and then finish up with girl, or push yourself even harder and finish with boy if you can! 🙂

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