Monday 11.28.11

Run 10K

Wow….. straight out the gate! Just like that?

Can I do this?!

…..guess we’ll find out!


  1. I'm excited to see if i can do this! but it will have to wait til saturday…way too busy the next few days.

  2. 4.25 miles in 43 minutes before I had to go in… I was just telling duke I wanted to run today then when I saw the workout I about cried! 🙂

  3. 52 minutes – feels so good to be back after being sick all last week!

    PS – As a runner, I am SO PROUD of anyone who completes this 10k, no matter what their time!

  4. 54.30

    I finally got to do it (Wednesday) and:
    1. I can't believe I was able to run for almost an hour straight.

    2. this proved to me that I really don't like running long distances but am addicted to the endorphins and results!

    3. I can't believe that I just ran a 10K and was able to keep pace with Chris with nothing but CrossFit training for the last 8 months which proves that CrossFit is the ulitmate!

    4. I don't think I will be able to walk normally tomorrow which means I pushed myself. 🙂

    5. when I did 3 miles 2 months ago, I was running 12 minute miles and today I doing 6 miles I ran 8.6 minute miles. Progress!

  5. Nice work Britta and Jenni! Jenni, hearing your improvements gives me hope that maybe there is hope for me in the future!

  6. Lol, so I went to the gym. And ran 40 minutes/more like a 5k, before I had to come back home and watch the kiddos! Maybe next time I'll be faster…

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