Friday 11.18.11

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:

Compare to 06.12.11

 “Been HIIT training for 2 years. We are 120 miles from the closest gym so we make do at the house in Oklahoma. Two years ago my
wife, Susie,
could not walk up stairs without breathing hard. Now she runs hills,
WODs, does pull-ups, air squats like a machine, O-lifts, and overhead
squats” – Mark Eaton


  1. I meant to also add that my situps were still crunches, but I can totally feel my abs getting stronger. My situps are almost there.

  2. 3:28
    beat my last time by almost half.
    stopped my time then did 16 more of each to make an even 100. 🙂

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