1. Three rounds with sit ups, two with crunches. However long "Eye of the Tiger" is!

  2. 5:57

    First-timer here. Not a mama but trying to get in shape before getting pregnant. Excited I found this site.

    By "sit-ups" that means the full deal right? not crunches? I did full sit-up except for 20 of them I did crunches.

  3. 4:41 (7:00 in May)

    Chris- 5:45
    with 20 push-ups added to each set

    Margaret- Welcome! You don't have to be a Mom to be a CrossFit Mama. Every girl is a "Mama". 🙂
    Yes, sit-ups are full sit-ups and I encourage my "Mamas" to complete all sit-ups even if it takes longer and slows down your time. Great job!

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