Wednesday 09.28.11

For time:
20 Sit-ups
30 Wallball Shots
20 Knees to bar
30 Box jumps (20″ box)
20 Sumo-deadlift high-pull (15-20lb dumbbell)
30 Burpees
20 Push Press (10-15lb dumbbells)
30 Jump jacks or jump rope


  1. 9:57
    14" box
    20lb bar
    jump rope
    subbed sit-ups for KTB

  2. 8:50; 10 lb. on sumo, 20 lb. on push press; girl push-ups on burpees. My box jumps were making Rowen crack up, so I did about 5 extra just to keep hearing that laugh!

  3. I am a WOD behind this week so I will be doing this WOD tomorrow and Friday's on Saturday to catch up from my back injury. I don't know if any of you are as obsessed with CrossFit as we are yet and have been watching the 2011 CrossFit games on ESPN2 but they are so inspiring and motivating! So proud to be a CrossFitter!

  4. 10:32
    Just doing this WOD today since I missed yesterday.
    8lb ball for wallball shots
    Situps with 8lb ball in place of knees to bar
    10"box jump – its what I have
    25lb for sumo deadlift
    I really don't like burpees!!
    8 lb push press
    jump jacks

    And – I found myself watching the CrossFit games last night too! It made me want to push myself a little more! Wow, those guys are instense!

  5. 8:53
    10lb sumo
    10lb push press

    55lb sumo
    70lb push press

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