Tuesday 09.20.11

5 rounds for time of:
5 overhead squats (10-30lbs)
10 knees to elbows
15 dumbbell hang squats (15lbs)
40 jump jacks

Compare to 05.11.11


  1. 13:37

    10lb. hand weights

    *used only one held with both hands for overhead squats
    *reverse crunch instead of knees up

  2. 13:24.
    20lbs overhead squats
    2 x 10lb dumbbells for hang squats.

  3. Morghan: 8:30 – 8 lbs (I know, not the minimum it should have been, but it's what I had at the apartment today!)
    Duke: 8:37 – 50 lbs overhead squats and 25 lbs hang squats

    *we did sit ups since we don't have a bar yet…

  4. 8:30, 8 lbs, yep what we had in the house 🙂 I'm still sweating!

  5. 12:42
    30lb squat
    30lb hang squat clean

    10:34pm- 2nd WOD of the day.
    Yesterday's this morning, today's late night. Had to get caught up. 🙂

    Even though my time isn't impressive compared to any of yours, my time was 17:00 in May with heavier weights this time so I am really happy.

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